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  1. /* EAH 2.0 */ class CfgSecConf { debug = false; class limits { playerCrypto = 75000; };
  2. i did change that and it still banning him
  3. I have a player on my server thats withdrawing 40,000 crypto from th atm and they keep getting instantly banned... is there a way i can change the restriction on the amount of crypto?
  4. I cant figure out how to edit the Donor spawn gear to something else, i have tried to add a couple of items and when i do the "select Spawn" option in game doesnt show up. any help?
  5. one more thing, where is the BE Filters located?
  6. could you join my TS and kinda try to talk me through it?
  7. so nothing on like the be filters and stuff will need to be altered?
  8. So if i update the epoch will my added scripts work? or will they not
  9. whats GSP? and which files will it edit exactly? My dev isnt online to do the update for me. so which files would i have to re edit
  10. will updating A3 Epoch on my server console modify my current server files?
  11. Kinda new to the whole Epoch thing and i have a guy that has been adding scripts to my server database but he is pretty pricey so im looking for someone else possibly! ass and message me on steam if your interested! Broland278
  12. okay well then what is causing these from popping up now? i had no problem until i updated A3 Epoch and now im having issues
  13. and now i got this 10.07.2015 22:16:04: Broland278 ( 5bb8d9e22405c49d8621c4a265841282 - #23 "(_this select 0) execVM "\A3\Structures_F\Wrecks\Scripts\Wreck_Heli_Attack_01.sqf""
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