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  1. Can someone please delete my account and all my posts please? Thanks.
  2. Is there a way for me to prevent myself from starving when im completing a 4000 step trade?
  3. Also, +5 stars for you, haku. Nice job
  4. Completing trade 1 of 900 :/. Wasting time powers activate!
  5. Can i make it so when i buy lumber i get 1000 of them? e.g 1000 lumber costs 1 gold and i would revice 1000 lumber on thefloor or in non visible invo slots (like when you convert 1 ozgold into 10 gold, they appear when there are invo slots avalible.)l
  6. I can't seem to find what i inserted, is there a search tool?
  7. After i run the command, is there any way to undo it?
  8. So i need to schedule it to insert t into navicat? (im using lite BTW)
  9. How do i insert it into navicat? I got no idea what to do.
  10. I made a new record into Traders_data and wrote this: Id:4995 Item ["PartWoodLumber",1] Quantity 100 Buy[1,"ItemGoldBar",1] Sell[1,"ItemGoldBar",1] Order 0 TID 508 Afile trade_items It saves with no errors, but when i go to the guy who sells building supplies its not listed. Any help would be appreciated
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