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  1. Hi Richie, I hope your new appointment in Epochmod team is going well. Congratulations. Thank you for your consideration of my feedback. Stephnet
  2. Hi Richie,I come back to you on the corrections of the places of spawn of loot on the map of Australia. I know thatyou have integrated the Epoch staff now.Have you able to do things against my feedback of this topic?Best regards
  3. ok Stain, So it's virtually impossible to blow a door. Because to have 12 explosives charges have to get up early. It is better to stand in front of a door and wait until the enemy opens the door and kill him. :ph34r:
  4. hi Stain, suddenly our australia server are 12 explosive satchels for a door, Realy? Did I understand your answer?
  5. we have a server Epoch version 3.1.0, it is configured in indestrutible wall. Only doors can be destroyed. Do you know how explosive satchel charges to destroy it be a door of a base. For three charges are not enough ....
  6. part 3 coor 170333 military building. since the first version of Australia, I never find loot in this type of buildings. -------------------------------
  7. part 2 Coor 276170 Bank Commonwealth new. new Building. ATM is not working. ---------------------------------- Coor 276170 House modified .no loot found with the new version V2.00 Adding the kitchen and changing textures --------------------------------- Coor 276170 Post office. The post office was already in the version 1 australia but I never found a loot inside. -------------------------------- Coor 311102 Hospital new. new building of V 2.00. full of rooms inside. -------------------------------- Coor 312104 Building new. new building of V 2.00. ----------------------------- Coor 315098 Prison new. one can go on the inside but seems stuck in another door as for the station police. --------------------------
  8. Hey Richie! Here are a state of what I could see in games with the experimental version of epochA3 Australia V 2.00: the Gps coordinates are optional because the buildings are now shown in several cities. Coor 249128 Double house new ---------------------- Coor 251127 Hotel . however, is not new, but I never found anything in it ----------------------- Coor 251128 Burger king . I think this building is new --------------------------- Coor 251128 office new . new building. ----------------------------------- Coor 251128 Parking. This building is not new, has already existed melbourne but I've never found it. ------------------------------------- Coor 252128 Car seller. I think this building was updated, so more loot has checked ----------------------------------- Coor 253127 TV office. I already found the loot but one place in the building, checking ------------------------------- Coor 275170 Hotel Bar. I have never found anything in it. to check ------------------------------- Coor 275170 Police Station. The police station is Origin Lock (the garage door + door after sliding door). On after Aussie said: To enable entry to police stations Use the following code player setVariable ["copLevel", 1, true]; I do not know anything in a script then see if someone there just to do something. -------------------------------- Coor 276170 Bank Centrelink new new Building. ATM is not working. ---------------------------------
  9. Hello, simples questions: Regarding our epoch australia server on which we play is experimental 3.1.0. The island Australia of Aussie was updated in V2 there shortly. Many types buildings were added and I could see that in certain types of buildings there has never loot. - Is it expected an update of the positions of loot points in buildings? - does anyone currently working on this update? Best regards Stephnet
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