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  1. Hello I am currently trying to add some addons to my overpoch server. I currently have a good amount of addons on my server. They include: SnapBuildPro Custom loot Tables Logistics Vehicle Arma and repair DZAI WAI Trader configs Enhanced Spawn Slow Zombies Those addons are working just fine and I am quite happy with them. However I am having some serious trouble getting these addons to work. It's probably me messing up the coding , but I really need some help because I have attempted installing them to many times. These addons include DZGM Plot4life Plot Management Door management Coin Currency (Causes the most issues!) Build Vectors (Installed, but not working, no errors reported either) I would also like to know how I can make my server fully militarized with some serious AI wondering around with like APC's etc. I hope someone can help me, looking forward to hear from the community and also I have my server files linked in drop box for you guys to take a look at. DropBox link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pn77v6u7n6mf8fm/AADpe-t1EJnz25Y4SwhwrmtDa?dl=0
  2. Okay yeah I just need to update my mission.sqm. Overwatch weapons are spawning I just need to update this, but once I add them can I add the stalker skins to my traders?
  3. class Mission { addOns[]= { "chernarus", "ca_modules_animals", "dayz_anim", "dayz_code", "dayz_communityassets", "dayz_weapons", "dayz_equip", "dayz_epoch", "dayz_vehicles", "cacharacters_pmc", "ca_modules_functions", "glt_m300t", "pook_h13", "csj_gyroac", "map_eu", "jetskiyanahuiaddon" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "dayz_weapons", "ca_modules_functions", "chernarus" }; Here is my mission.sql like you asked for.
  4. Okay so I keep getting this error when I go to join my server I have replaced my stalker PBO on my client files in both my desktop and server, but I can't get it to work. I want to add stalker units to my traders and as a unit to spawn in, but no luck. Can someone help me?
  5. Okay so I am adding items to our traders for our OverPoch server. While I was writing SQL queries I though, what if I magically put all those queries on this website so other server owner/developers could use them to add/make adjustments to there servers. Well here they are. Make sure you know basic SQL and you know how the trader system works before you attempt to change your traders. Also make sure your Trader ID's are correct. I used the default ones, but make sure everything is correctly typed in. I will be starting off with the sniper rifles and ammo and as I progress I will update this post. Please subscribe to this post to stay informed of my changes. Enjoy :) // Sniper Rifles: Trader ID 605 Neutral Weapons Trader INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SVD_M', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SVD_P21', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SVD_S', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_MSR_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_MSR_NV_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_MSR_NV_SD_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_MSR_SD_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_RSASS_TAN', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_RSASS_SD_TAN', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SV_98_69', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SV_98_SD', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SVDK', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_XM2010_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_XM2010_NV_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_XM2010_NV_SD_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_XM2010_SD_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), // Sniper Rifle Ammo: Trader ID 614 Neutral Ammo Trader INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_7Rnd_338Lapua_MSR_NT', '50', '[1,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[1,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_7Rnd_338Lapua_MSR_NT_SD', '50', '[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_20Rnd_762x51_PMAG_NT', '50', '[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_20Rnd_762x51_PMAG_NT_SD', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_10Rnd_762x54_SV', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_10Rnd_SVDK', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_5Rnd_300Win_XM2010_NT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_5Rnd_300Win_XM2010_NT_SD', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'),
  6. I search in TID's for 800 and 8001 and I get for 800 Sniper Rifles and for 801 Sniper Rifle Ammunition. Juts like i entered. Tech_support I entered your query and everything went in fine, but when i logged into the game nothing displayed into the tabs i added.
  7. I can add items just fine to other tabs I am just trying to create new tabs. The new tabs shows TID 800 is sniper rifles and TID 801 is Sniper Rifle Ammunition. When I add items tho to the tabs via trader_data nothing shows up when i click on the tabs.
  8. Database Entries: TID 800 In the database in table server_traders i found the Trader ID for the hero vender. After that i added my new TID for the first tab. Here is that SQL INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`trader_tids` (`id`, `name`, `trader`) VALUES ('800', 'Sniper Rifles', '143') Then I added a Sniper to that Tab here is the SQL INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'M107', '5', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '800', 'trade_weapons') Then i added an Sniper Rifle Ammunition Tab INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`trader_tids` (`id`, `name`, `trader`) VALUES ('801', 'Sniper Rifle Ammunition', '143') And last but not least I added some ammo for the M107 INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, '10Rnd_127x99_m107', '20', '[1,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[1,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '801', 'trade_items') Like I said my tabs show up just fine, but when I click on them nothing loads in. Those are the my SQL inserts that I did.
  9. Okay so I am currently adding tabs to some of my traders for the most part it all makes sense, but I have ran into one problem, but first here is what i have done: First I went into C:\ArmaServers\A2EpochServer\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_24.Napf\server_traders.sqf I have added two tabs to the hero vender ["Sniper Rifles"] and ["Sniper Rifle Ammunition"] Here is the code: // Hero Vendor menu_Tanny_PMC = [ [["Ammunition",478],["Clothes",476],["Helicopter Armed",493],["Military Armed",562],["Trucks Armed",479],["Weapons",477],["Sniper Rifles",800],["Sniper Rifle Ammunition",801]], [], "hero" I have add two TID' 800 & 801 Next I went into my database and added two TID's to trader_tids I assigned them to trader 143 which is the hero vender. All good so far. Next i added some items to those tabs. The tabs show up just fine, but nothing in them appears. Did i forget a step? Can anyone help me
  10. I think that solved the problem. My server went through authentication and I loaded in correctly. Now I just need to make sure I edit everything correctly. Thanks for the help :)
  11. Snap Build Pro is running and functions correctly. Lets start with Snap Pro Build Vectors. https://github.com/strikerforce/SnapPro-BuildVectors Also to what SchwWde said: I have check the RPT Client logs, but I got no errors.
  12. Okay so I have created an Epoch server on NAPF. I have a few good scripts installed like SNap Build Pro, Walking zombies, Etc, but when I walk to install an addon that requires me to modify the Dayz Server PBO, all hell brakes loose. I was just attempting to install the Build vectors for snap build pro 1.4. I modifed and add all the files I needed to and as soon as I launch the server and join it. During the load in process i get stuck at "Waiting Server To Start Authentication". For some reason whenever I have to modoify the Server PBO i always get that error when I loan in. I have tried multipal different addons like: AI missions, Snap Build Pro Vectors, group management, etc. I have searched around on the forums for a simular problem, but I have not been successful. Could someone please help me on what I am doing wrong. I will be most thankful. :)
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