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  1. While i appreciate the posts there is still no server in USA that has australia on it.
  2. Ive been playing ukgz experimental and loved it. How many NA players would play on the aussie map? If i get a good response ill do one myself.
  3. Hi all and welcome to DRG. The 7th armored brigade was a ww2 unit called the desert rats that fought on every battle front in Europe and north Africa. My late grand father was a gunner during ww2 . So I made DRG out of respect to my grand father. In the past we have played day of defeat, day of defeat source, world of tanks and the arms series. Nowadays the clan has dispersed and faded away but I still where my tags. I would like to invite anyone who deems it there duty join forces and get DRG back to where it once was. Requirements are as follows Age is not a requirement as long as your balls have dropped. Activity is required to show face at least 3/4 times a week. If you are interested in joining or helping send me a pm.
  4. Thanks for the information. Ill check it out after, I cant wait for Australia man
  5. In what order do they need to be. I tried all three, two I get an error about Australia folder I downloaded version from the website
  6. Oh fyi. The teleport was by the admin. Anyways I'm sure the whiny admin will always cry. It's all business at the end of the day. Halv and altistales ill look into your servers when I get chance. Maybe I am better off in eu servers coz they seem nicer people. Uk gz for some reason I can't get into your experimental Australia server
  7. Most servers I'm banned from if not all I'm complaining about little stuff, lack off safe zones, idiot admin moves or sometimes even suggesting adding stuff in to gain population on their server. Admins are so quick to ban people over silly stuff.
  8. I was banned from <Removed by Richie> coz we were doing an event and after 60 minutes of being on defending team an admin spawns in a jet and bombs pygros military base. I calldd him an idiot then I got banned. Check your uids before calling me a hacker you lying piece of shit
  9. i went on your server and content is lacking unfortunately. problem with arma3 epoch is 75% of servers are dead. i got banned for saying that not having safes zones is kinda stupid coz i got mowed down by a player while i selling stuff.
  10. Please keep the whining to a minimum im looking for a server with friendly players and good content thankyou. Right to the freedom of speech right?
  11. Looking for a server to join me and my group. ive been banned from a few for being a dbag i guess. i just think admins quick on ban hammer.
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