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  1. NFO servers is the best choice for a VPS,
  2. So One is something similar... I added these classnames to halv's and suppe's black market and u buy them like u would vehicles... You move them with IgILoad. And they are persistent.
  3. So long story short, i would like to setup a system that allows all of us server owners/admins to relay our problem children's info between each other. This would be a simple system where we all share something as simple as a googledoc that would allow us to paste hacker's, script kiddie's, glitcher's, duper's, and exploiter's info (UID, IP, GUID) and we could share this info so we can keep them off of all of the epoch servers. If anyone knows of a system that is already in place or would like to start one please let me know, i am more than willing to setup the framework and if anyone wants my Bans.txt just PM me and you will have it in your inbox.
  4. So I am well versed in this field with 4 hosts as of now... -1st Host: Survival Servers, waste of money and time... Horrible setup, not really customize-able, poor performance IMO (managed) -2nd Host: ViLayer, ehh performance was ok, I customized some, but their support was SLOW (managed) -3rd Host: NFO Servers, Hands down #1 BEST support ever!!!! 4 min is the longest I EVER had to wait for a support response. Their VPS's are great but I wanted a dedi machine due to performance gains. I couldn't bring myself to pay $210 USD per month for one. -4th Host (current): BudgetVM, I have a E3-1270V3 @ 3.9 Ghz, 32GB RAM, 120GB SSD, 1Gbps uplink, full dedicated machine for an awesome price (PM me for details, I don't think they wanted me to advertise). Their support is quick, but I haven't really needed it since there's no issues with my machine. This machine can run 2 full servers, multiple headless clients, host processes, and a bunch more and just keep on going @ 100% CPU usage.... Well as long as you set affinity and have the correct setup. TLDR: NFO is best for a VPS but my current host (BudgetVM) is damn good for a dedi.
  5. Now that you have restructured your GitHub and made this inside of a Pack.... I am not exactly sure how to install it anymore... do i just need to replace the files inside of the ScarCODE folder with the new ones and everything else should work out?
  6. He's at it again.... Another awesome script, anyone tested on a high pop server yet?
  7. I use infiSTAR and the hotkey is 7
  8. Is there a fix for this yet? If so can someone please link??
  9. Awesome, I hope that this time I can upgrade it myself without breaking it.
  10. I am sorry for the delay, I don't think I can help with a hosted server... The configuration is usually weird and has issues...
  11. The IgILoad script allows ejecting from the crew areas of helicopters and temporarily replaces your backpack with a parachute. Once you land your parachute is then deleted and your pack reappears. Be warned that you must do some very minor configuration. The problem with the wasteland magic parachute is that it allows players to glitch thru walls with ease. I mean it's really easy and unfortunately the anti-glitch features won't help to stop it.
  12. What are you trying to add and who is your server host? Are you on a managed server or unmanaged?
  13. So I will put in my experiences here... 1st Host: Survival Servers (managed), let's just say that this relationship only lasted 24 hours as I could not even get the vanilla server to start and run properly. 2nd Host: VILayer (managed), at first they were pretty good. Then there was the Arma3 update and the Epoch update that happened.... They were unresponsive to tickets and when they finally did respond I had to direct them to where the updated Epoch server files were.. I mean lmgtfy. Took them 13 hours to update after I sent them the info. Smh...... 3rd and current host: NFO servers (unmanaged). These guys are AWESOME. The longest I have ever had to wait for a response to a ticket is 4 minutes... AMAZING!!!!! Great prices and performance. They have been very accomodating and they really know their business. I could not be happier.
  14. I added this to my server and when I load in the Global Chat gets spammed with IgILoad's init information... any way to fix this?
  15. Don't know if this was covered already, but if your donor spawns are not working.... Make sure that you enter the donor "UID's" in the "spawn_locations.sqf" and the "spawn_gear_settings.sqf" or you will see the option to spawn in a donor location but will not be able to actually spawn.
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