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  1. Hello Community, we have created a DayZ server on the private server hardware, thanks to good hardware and reasonable Internet-Connection, server performance is really good. The server is designed for a harder survival, you start almost naked, the zombies are much more numerous in some areas and more dangerous, but there are more loot and cars to find. features: - unlimited Stamina, - Much more zombies, but not so much that performance suffers; - rebalanced zombie health - some zombies are not that easy to kill; - accelerated time (you get a dawn- and dusk-time in each restart cycle), which makes the lighting means and nightsight scopes meaningful; - Player bases are persistent; - and, there is only one rule - survival at any cost! mods: - Mod "Base DestructionRebalance" - the base elements from outside are much harder to destroy; - Mod "Build Anywhere" - builds anywhere you want; - Mod "AxeXX" - the axes do not break so fast; - Mod "Camo Net Plus" - builds Ghilie suits from the Camo-Nets; - Mod "DayZ Expansion Chat" - Communication between the players in the Global TextChannel Please connect to the server via DZSALauncher (https://dayzsalauncher.com/) the mods will automatically be downloaded and activated If we have aroused your interest, welcome to our server! IP: Port:2302 Teamspeak: funreal.dynktk.de (Please use the Text-Channel - DummyChannel for your asks and suggestions) greetings Your 2xW-Runners team
  2. hi, it is possible, to implement unlock of Safes and lockboxes?
  3. obermaig

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    this is one of the best Mission systems! Great Job, IT07- as allways!!!! Greeting Igor
  4. obermaig

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Oh, sorry men :o ! Yes that with reward was a great solution, many Thanks! The our players are crasy about this mission - close hoses fight, bounties.... and other player, which only wait to the crate to steal :D greeting Igor
  5. obermaig

    Disappearing Mags on login / revive fix

    Great Job, He-Man, many Thanks! That works perfectly!
  6. obermaig

    A3 1.60 Epoch 0.3.8 440

    how to due this?
  7. obermaig

    A3 1.60 Epoch 0.3.8 440

    mine is on ssd, but much AI patrols and custom stuff... probably too much :)
  8. obermaig

    A3 1.60 Epoch 0.3.8 440

    Hi Tarabas, disable the logging by server start with a -nologs parameter. I know, the sugestion is not perfect , but it works, my server is ready in max. 2 minutes, after update with a logs more than 12 minutes.... :0 Many Thanks to all for helpfull tipps! greeting TarabaTarabas
  9. obermaig

    A3 1.60 Epoch 0.3.8 440

    18:34:09 Invalid move Gunner_HeliTransport3_2 in action gunner_helitransport3_2 (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) 18:34:09 Invalid move pilot_plane_cas_01 in action pilot_plane_cas_01 (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) 18:34:09 Invalid move pilot_plane_cas_01_getin in action pilot_plane_cas_01_enter (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) 18:34:09 Invalid move pilot_plane_cas_01_getout in action pilot_plane_cas_01_exit (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) 18:34:09 Invalid move pilot_plane_cas_02 in action pilot_plane_cas_02 (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) 18:34:09 Invalid move pilot_plane_cas_02_getin in action pilot_plane_cas_02_enter (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) 18:34:09 Invalid move pilot_plane_cas_02_getout in action pilot_plane_cas_02_exit (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) 18:34:09 Invalid move Plane_Fighter_03_pilot in action plane_fighter_03_pilot (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) Hi, since arma Update 1.60 rpt Logs full spamed with a messages like this. Any suggestions to solve this problem? greeting
  10. obermaig

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    hi , what about useCryptoReward Problem? Some solutions? greeting
  11. obermaig

    WAI: 1.0.0 - Alpha / Arma 3

    Hi Hux , the mission have not a boxex or crates, the loot is on the ground as smartphones with Crypto inside Greeting
  12. Hi, followed Array in a mission.sqm have a wrong Syntax (Last Element with a ",") addons[]= { "A3_epoch_config", "a3_map_altis", }; Greeting Igor
  13. obermaig

    blckeagls' Real Zombies v0.0.5

    blckeagls' Real Zombies works on Chernarus and Esseker on my Servers
  14. obermaig

    blckeagls' Real Zombies v0.0.5

    @epochhive\addons\ZombieMission\init.sqf, but i not understod, what is to do for HP increase? "_num < 10" ?