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  1. Hello Community, we have created a DayZ server on the private server hardware, thanks to good hardware and reasonable Internet-Connection, server performance is really good. The server is designed for a harder survival, you start almost naked, the zombies are much more numerous in some areas and more dangerous, but there are more loot and cars to find. features: - unlimited Stamina, - Much more zombies, but not so much that performance suffers; - rebalanced zombie health - some zombies are not that easy to kill; - accelerated time (you get a dawn- and dusk-time in each restart cycle), which makes the lighting means and nightsight scopes meaningful; - Player bases are persistent; - and, there is only one rule - survival at any cost! mods: - Mod "Base DestructionRebalance" - the base elements from outside are much harder to destroy; - Mod "Build Anywhere" - builds anywhere you want; - Mod "AxeXX" - the axes do not break so fast; - Mod "Camo Net Plus" - builds Ghilie suits from the Camo-Nets; - Mod "DayZ Expansion Chat" - Communication between the players in the Global TextChannel Please connect to the server via DZSALauncher (https://dayzsalauncher.com/) the mods will automatically be downloaded and activated If we have aroused your interest, welcome to our server! IP: Port:2302 Teamspeak: funreal.dynktk.de (Please use the Text-Channel - DummyChannel for your asks and suggestions) greetings Your 2xW-Runners team
  2. this is one of the best Mission systems! Great Job, IT07- as allways!!!! Greeting Igor
  3. Oh, sorry men :o ! Yes that with reward was a great solution, many Thanks! The our players are crasy about this mission - close hoses fight, bounties.... and other player, which only wait to the crate to steal :D greeting Igor
  4. Great Job, He-Man, many Thanks! That works perfectly!
  5. mine is on ssd, but much AI patrols and custom stuff... probably too much :)
  6. Hi Tarabas, disable the logging by server start with a -nologs parameter. I know, the sugestion is not perfect , but it works, my server is ready in max. 2 minutes, after update with a logs more than 12 minutes.... :0 Many Thanks to all for helpfull tipps! greeting TarabaTarabas
  7. 18:34:09 Invalid move Gunner_HeliTransport3_2 in action gunner_helitransport3_2 (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) 18:34:09 Invalid move pilot_plane_cas_01 in action pilot_plane_cas_01 (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) 18:34:09 Invalid move pilot_plane_cas_01_getin in action pilot_plane_cas_01_enter (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) 18:34:09 Invalid move pilot_plane_cas_01_getout in action pilot_plane_cas_01_exit (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) 18:34:09 Invalid move pilot_plane_cas_02 in action pilot_plane_cas_02 (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) 18:34:09 Invalid move pilot_plane_cas_02_getin in action pilot_plane_cas_02_enter (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) 18:34:09 Invalid move pilot_plane_cas_02_getout in action pilot_plane_cas_02_exit (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) 18:34:09 Invalid move Plane_Fighter_03_pilot in action plane_fighter_03_pilot (bin\config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/Actions/DeployedProneActions/) Hi, since arma Update 1.60 rpt Logs full spamed with a messages like this. Any suggestions to solve this problem? greeting
  8. Hi Hux , the mission have not a boxex or crates, the loot is on the ground as smartphones with Crypto inside Greeting
  9. Hi, followed Array in a mission.sqm have a wrong Syntax (Last Element with a ",") addons[]= { "A3_epoch_config", "a3_map_altis", }; Greeting Igor
  10. blckeagls' Real Zombies works on Chernarus and Esseker on my Servers
  11. @epochhive\addons\ZombieMission\init.sqf, but i not understod, what is to do for HP increase? "_num < 10" ?
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