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  1. Hi Ebay, Wow.. you were bang on, that fixed it! This was my error i deleted those markers for some unknown reason during install (face palm!).. must be losing my marbles. Hey thankyou for such a great script and thanks again for being such an active and supportive member - there's an awful lot of knowledgeable and friendly people on these forums and the support and guidance is priceless and very much appreciated! Cheers! DG
  2. Every restart, 9 out of ten times the event runs.
  3. Hi After installing the ESS V2 mod, the Ikea (building items) mission (called from the modules folder > dayz_server.pbo/modules/ikea.sqf) now spawns off map in debug, right down in the lower left corner. Has anyone else experienced this? Any possible solutions?? Thank you!
  4. For MAP_Mil_Mil_Guardhouse Remove the extra _Mil and change Map to Land like this > Land_Mil_Guardhouse For Mil_fort_watchtower Change to this > Land_fort_watchtower
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a scripting wizz who can help me integrate a series of EpochServer & MPMission files into my current files using TC admin (GTX Gaming)... sounds easy but I'm not entirely confident so am reaching out for help on this one. Fully prepared to pay for your valued service.. and just as happy to accept any gracious charity should you prefer Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks!
  6. Hi - just wondering if anyone can help? I've looked through this thread many times but haven't found the answer just yet. After installing the script, it works except that the plot was able to be removed by anyone, friends on the plot or not. What I want is for the owner of the plot to be able to remove plot only. I did find this method below - however, there are 2 x "if(_isModular then {" references in my fn_selfactions so i added the code first to one, and then to both, but I still don't get the option to remove plot by the owner.. or anyone. Also I am now unable to remove any walls/doors etc?? Any help is appreciated to get this awesome script working for me. Many thanks! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crack open your custom Variables.sqf and find DZE_isRemovable array and remove plot pole from there. That will not allow anyone to remove the plot, not even owner. However if you want owner to be able to remove it create new array in your Variables.sqf removable_plot = ["Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ"]; Then open up your custom fn_selfActions.sqf and find if(_isModular) then { Replace this line with this if(_isModular || _typeOfCursorTarget in removable_plot) then { By doing so it will allow ONLY the owner and people added to the plot pole (if using plot management) to remove it.
  7. Thank you.. very helpful indeed. I really appreciate it gents! Cheers!
  8. Hi, im trying to install plot management to my server. Am just a little confused with this direction: "Note If you don't already have a custom variables.sqf then create one and call if after the standard variables.sqf in your mission init.sqf file." Can anyone point me in the right direction please? I'm currently in teamspeak if that helps to talk it through if anyone has time?? Many thanks in advance! DG
  9. Hey thank you guys for your responses.. I finally found the ones i need , they were in the .php files/folder.. I was in there earlier but the first one I opened was in coins and that threw me off. Cheers all, I appreciate the assistance very much!
  10. Hello how are you? what state in Aus are you? I saw your post about an epoch server do you have a gaming community? would you like to build a community or just run a server?

    1. DirtyGranny


      Gday, I'm good, and you?

      In Sydney.. just starting out with Point Blank Epoch, rented a server from GTX but its hosted in Sydney. Hoping to build a AU server and community by adding some good creative, detailed content, not too easy so as to keep a level of challenge in there..  so yeah working on some mods now.. I don't want to over mod it.

      Just navigating the GTX TCAdmin system, lil tricky at times but learning a lot along the way.

      What are you up to? 


  11. Are the price/item tables for the traders edited through the ''database'' or are they hidden somewhere else in the ''file manager'' to edit? I'm editing the prices in the database (trader_data) using phpmyadmin but they don't update in-game? The other thing I was curious about was that items like Metal Floor Kits, Wood Floors, Metal Doors.. aren't in the tables to edit - How would I edit the price on an item like that? Many thanks all
  12. Hi all, Is anyone interested in working together to develop a new Epoch server in Australia? I'm happy to pay the monthly server cost, but I need someone to help with scripting set up. Let me know if your interested. Cheers all
  13. Granny's starting to get her tits in a tangle and needs urgent help! I'm willing to share the odd dirty joke in return for help installing mods to my new server in Australia... Would like help with: Adding custom content server side - Loadout kits - Mission spawns - Trader tables - Generally anything that creates a top shelf experience and gets the players juices flowing. ...also interested in teaming up with another dirty shagger to perhaps develop a server in AU or EU together? I have custom content that may appeal and not just talking about the jingly bits under my fluffy gown! Thank you! Once you pleeeese a granny you never be unhappy...
  14. Many thanks Antichrist! Ill take a hard look at this tip, that'll keep me busy for a while Thanks also for digging up the links! ;) Cheers!
  15. Thank you Antichrist - Re A3, I have already set it in position but unfortunately when it saves it bounces out of place a little and when i upload to server it disappears altogether, but in the 3d editor it looks straight and sweet. Re A4, thats exactly what i have done but again when i upload to server it disappears altogether. Seems like i have to sort out this duplicating caper first and that might allow the 3d edit to stick in the server.. Many thanks! DG
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