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  1. New version works fine . I deleted positions in mission.sqm . As if someone needed in the BE typed createvehicle.txt line 1 !="M_NLAW_AT_F" . Thank you for your good work
  2. I do not know if I understood you well . If you added positions in mission.sqm ? In class Markers class Markers { items = 23; class Item0 { position[] = {14939.9,0.0534991,15083.3}; name = "center"; type = "Empty"; }; class Item1 { position[] = {23600.6,3.19,18000.7}; name = "respawn_east"; type = "Empty"; }; class Item2 { position[] = {23600.6,3.19,18000.8}; name = "respawn_west"; type = "Empty"; }; class Item3 { position[]={20836.127,35.127815,6775.5469}; name="sec1"; type="Empty"; }; class Item4 { position[]={20785.9,38.468998,6712.6953}; name="sec2"; type="Empty"; }; class Item5 { position[]={20857.877,44.155319,6563.6743}; name="sec3"; type="Empty"; }; class Item6 { position[]={20748.465,37.364357,6802.0752}; name="sec8"; type="Empty"; }; class Item7 { position[]={20669.07,36.950283,6942.4277}; name="sec7"; type="Empty"; }; class Item8 { position[]={20808.646,34.506149,6824.2568}; name="sec6"; type="Empty"; }; class Item9 { position[]={20686.166,40.089058,6831.9077}; name="sec4"; type="Empty"; }; class Item10 { position[]={20696.652,39.503807,6770.1123}; name="sec9"; type="Empty"; }; class Item11 { position[]={20806.459,41.401077,6657.2515}; name="sec5"; type="Empty"; }; class Item12 { position[]={20878.496,30.711626,6835.6235}; name="sec10"; type="Empty"; }; class Item13 { position[]={20972.35,27.124306,6814.3555}; name="sec11"; type="Empty"; }; class Item14 { position[]={20974.725,33.218864,6575.4717}; name="sec16"; type="Empty"; }; class Item15 { position[]={20993.707,27.901234,6703.626}; name="sec12"; type="Empty"; }; class Item16 { position[]={20851.373,29.701269,6903.54}; name="sec14"; type="Empty"; }; class Item17 { position[]={20755.73,34.802238,6880.7549}; name="sec15"; type="Empty"; }; class Item18 { position[]={20629.818,53.007675,6650.4268}; name="sec18"; type="Empty"; }; class Item19 { position[]={20720.539,58.690613,6581.8315}; name="sec13"; type="Empty"; }; class Item20 { position[]={20614.98,44.274097,6775.5991}; name="sec17"; type="Empty"; }; class Item21 { position[]={20794.232,35.995308,6766.626}; name="sec_center"; type="Empty"; }; class Item22 { position[]={20915.053,30.237787,6770.9189}; name="sec_center2"; text="Sector C"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorRed"; }; }; }; class Intro
  3. Yesterday I added to the server.It works as it should. AI spawn after every restart . I have a the only question because the files have changed. How can I add one more boxes
  4. Sorry for bad english. I wrote that Ai disappears after the killing . But have already found the answer . That's your answer IT07 for ronsrace and now it is more understandable ?
  5. Hello I have a question .On every mission immediately after the killing AI of his body disappears.Why this is happening.Beyond this issue everything is ok. What is wrong
  6. I do not want to set SHOW_JAMMERS = true; // Shows location of base jammers . I do not know why it did not work .And why there is a WIP.Thanks for your help . Somehow I can handle without this option "MAP-BASEBUILDING",
  7. I now have options in skaronator MAP-BASEBUILDING .When I click on it displays is green. but still does not show the player base . But the base the players are on the map . And so it is a WIP ID I have only in the adminMenu_Owner adminMenu_OwnerSetting[] = { "ESP-PLAYER", "ESP-VEHICLE", "ESP-LOOT", //"OLD-ESP", //"OLD-MAP", "PLAYER-TELEPORT", "MAP-TELEPORT", "INFRONT-TELEPORT", "MAP-PLAYER", "MAP-CORPSE", // "MAP-LOOT", "MAP-VEHICLE", "MAP-AI", "MAP-BASEBUILDING", "TARGET-HEAL", "TARGET-AMMO", "TARGET-KILL", "TARGET-CRYPTO", "TARGET-VEHICLEREPAIR", "VEHICLEFLIP", "BANPANNEL", "SPAWN-MENU", "FREE-CAM", "INVISIBLE", // "SPAWNLOOT", "GODMODE", "HEAL", "VEHICLEREPAIR"
  8. that is, in the preview option menu but no player base adminMenu_OwnerSetting[] = { "ESP-PLAYER", "ESP-VEHICLE", "ESP-LOOT", //"OLD-ESP", //"OLD-MAP", "PLAYER-TELEPORT", "MAP-TELEPORT", "INFRONT-TELEPORT", "MAP-PLAYER", "MAP-CORPSE", // "MAP-LOOT", "MAP-VEHICLE", "MAP-AI", // "MAP-BASEBUILDING", This is in the file epochah.hpp but not in the skaronator "TARGET-HEAL", "TARGET-AMMO", "TARGET-KILL", "TARGET-CRYPTO", "TARGET-VEHICLEREPAIR", "VEHICLEFLIP", "BANPANNEL", "SPAWN-MENU", "FREE-CAM", "INVISIBLE", // "SPAWNLOOT", "GODMODE", "HEAL", "VEHICLEREPAIR"
  9. I found something like this on this issue.It may be useful to someone who has problems with this http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/22209-for-anyone-who-experiences-arma-3-crashes-the-solutions-are-here/
  10. tomasz73

    Off Rain

    Per very glad because the rain still falling :wacko:
  11. I have a question I noticed that when I go to the server. 2 - 3 persons at the same time get information Steam ticket check failed ( null ) it is only when logs on the server Could it be my fault that people suddenly disconnects
  12. When I press F1 have different options.But view of the base there is no
  13. Hello. Is there a command that allows you to see how many are built bases on the map by players.I use skaronator.I got there a few options but I have no information about the constructions of players
  14. tomasz73

    Off Rain

    I have a clear sky, the sun at the moment there is no rain Edit - Hour sit on a server and there is no rain. I think it's fine. I changed only WeatherStaticForecast[] = {75.5,0,{0,0,0},0,{1,1}}; // Default: {75.5,0,{0,0,0},0,{1,1}}; // Clear day; {19,1,{1,1,40},1,{5,5}}; // Cold Foggy Rainy Overcast Windy; Format: {temp <scalar>,rain <scalar>,fog <array>,overcast <scalar>,wind <array>}
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