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  1. this did not fix my problem still have them respawing in and being back at the coast its happening more and more now....
  2. After the latest update to epoch 1.0.3. The players keep getting sent back to the coast after a restart with all their gear and data, but for some reason it resets their world space as if they were a fresh spawn. it is really starting to piss of my players cause they are always moved if the disconnect, lag out, combat log, or server restart. PLEASE HELP!
  3. well its not towing i don't think tried your towing. and instant dysnc: EDIT-- well i have gone through almost everything! i have 2 servers running epoch server 1 runs fine no 100000 problem but for some reason server 2 does! but i don't see why it would do that only difference is the night time cycle. i am going to try making it static time set for the night time...... will respond with effects
  4. vehicles don't effect the login for players, The AH on the other hand does.
  5. 250 we have -430 on the map..... is that a problem? cause how can i set up max vehicle considering it only cover vehicles that spawn so bought vehicles don't have any regulation...
  6. Yeah i have gone through litterally everything and have tried every fix, and nothing seems to work: here is a list of everything i have done: DB clean up: Remove all login altering scripts: Disabled AH: Started Fresh: The AH seems to have been the issue before latest update and now it continues to do it every so often and i get the trademark error in the log!
  7. well so far i have fixed most of it the DB gets to much shit in it and it doesn't clear well thanks to epoch shitty db settings
  8. Epoch Bugs and problems: Hello i thought i take the time to post this little thing about the problems and bugs with epoch that have been spoken aloud but not addressed 1.Problem with the Database streaming being clogged due to objects and vehicles being on the same Table/ along with the fact that the table doesn't clean out old cars or the object properly. 2.The hive.ext has a problem with seperating the DB for player and object/ it doesn't spawn the cars in properly when its seperated! 3.The fact that the spawn in vehicles variable is connected to the buying vehicles so its impossible to moderate it! most of these issues come from the sql side of things and can be fixed.
  9. I still have a black screen issue and in the RPT log it said there was an error in the Serverplayerlogin.sqf at line 81 Because the get position array is setup wrong
  10. this befuddles me i have added in the trade item to all the correct DB tables and ordered it correctly but it refuses to show on the trader menu! anyone have any idea whats wrong?
  11. This is my rpt log for after i respawned in and selected my sex :/ 4:17:08 "ERROR: Cannot Sync Character GhostPhantom as no characterID"
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