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    spawning vehicles glitch

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    Infistar found a known hack on that player. Report him with his steam id here: https://forum.infistar.de/index.php/Board/24-Hack-report/
  4. There are multiple buildings with that problem. I had that with a couple of others and roads as well. The point is you never knew if the buildings is only in the editor and with the addon available or not. Since this addon is only needed for a special type of buildings e.g. the takistan villa, there is no reason to load it.
  5. Thanks for adding this post to help here. I see the reason and I think this post is needed for new players. But the post needs a few changes. The Editor update is not longer needed. Most of the buildings you are using are build in epoch already. If you are using the editor update you can add more trouble to your mapaddons as you want to. For example a lot rocks are only build in in this addon but cannot be used in epoch without this editor addon. So after you have finshed your work on a mine with these rock typs you found out, that the last couple of hourse are for nothing because epoch will not load the buildings ingame because they are not available. This happend to me so please remove that part or give a hint that is not needed for the most items. There is a second way to add buildings to your server from @ebayShopper https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/34614-sqf-compact-editor-ouput/ This way to add buildings is much better for the server performance. In particular if you are using a huge amount of added buildings. If you can add these information to the mainpost it would be a good summary for new players how to add buildings.
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    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Really good job dude.
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    infiSTAR building controls

    Besides the check of every players uid, you can work with profileNameSpace. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/profileNamespace If you create a small dialog or an action menu where players can choose their weapons and spawn point, you can save it directly in the playerprofil locally on the pc of each player. it is a good possibility to work with. the downside of the that command is if a player change something on his profile like name changes, changes of the characters head these values getting overwritten. And you cannot call it from a server like normal variables. you have to convert it in another variable before.