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  1. Over9000 Epoch Panthera

    @Tanita-Corp Thank you
  2. Items from storage sheds disappear

    To help you we need the client rpt when you put something in the shed and the HiveExt.log as well.
  3. infistar custom log file

    No just the dlls
  4. infistar custom log file

    Use the dlls from the infistar download folder.
  5. Looking for OverPoch Server Pack

    Overpoch is epoch only with the overwatch addon. All mods for epoch work for overpoch as well. You just need some overpoch loot tables and trader files. @JasonTM has a pretty good topic posted for all that things.
  6. infistar BRC problem

    Same problem in my BRC Edit: New update fixed it.
  7. We need information to help. Post your : server rpt client rpt installed mods anti cheat programm server host
  8. Looking for OverPoch Server Pack

    Hi, this is what you are looking for:
  9. Infistar ask

    Hi use call BIS_fnc_numberText to format your coins [ (_unit getVariable['cashMoney',0]) ] call BIS_fnc_numberText