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  1. A Man

    Help with Overwatch pls

  2. Damn dude thats what I was waiting for a long long time. Thank you so much.
  3. Glad to can help you. Beta is not needed aswell. I could join your server without a problem.
  4. Do not run Arma 2 OA beta, it is outdated as the word obsolete mean. Your players do no need Day 1.9.0 to play on your epoch server. Epoch has Dayz 1.9.0 as base already,
  5. Start your client with -showScriptErrors You have to fix many script errors.
  6. @SKS.Goliath It is most of the time a server thing. I havent had since over one year not a single coin duping going on. Write me in private what dupes you are refering on. I have not found anything at the moment.
  7. A Man

    Over9000 Epoch Panthera

    Updated main post Feature List. We have released 51 big server updates until now and we will go on updating.
  8. @daryl922 Thank you for sharing this. As @JasonTM said there are not longer many content creators who are willing to share their work out there. There are a few things that are imporant to do in your release. Your mission_check.sqf is not updated. It has only a few files in the array. There must be all files excluding pictures or sound flies from the missionfile entered. Your battleye script.txt is the infistar one. It will catch nothing at all. You should start we the Epoch script.txt and added some more things. I noticed that any kind of Anti Dupe is not longer necessary. Epoch fixed almost everything with that. If anyone has other experiences let me know. Most Anti Dupes like the Infistar Anti Dupe result in the possibility to dupe. So it should be disabled. If you are interessted in maintaining your Server Pack we will take a closer look into it.
  9. A Man

    Mute players in side?

    @JakeQue You can only mute a single player for yourself client side if that is enough. Press P for the player list and click on the name of the speaking player. There is a mute button somewhere in the field. Otherwise you need a punish script that handle speaking in side chat. The punishment is already inculed in epoch by DZE_DisabledChannels.
  10. A Man

    Remove Backspace menu when hitting F2

    @JakeQue search for the array that blocks the DIK_F keys in your keyboard.sqf. It should be above of if (dayz_groupSystem) then { Looks mostly like that: [[ DIK_F12, DIK_F8,DIK_F7,DIK_F6,DIK_F5, DIK_F2,DIK_9, DIK_8,DIK_7,DIK_6,DIK_5,DIK_4], _block] call _addArray; If you have not entered DIK_F2 add it there.
  11. A Man

    scroll menu problem

    Hi, check in your infistar AHconfig.sqf for _CSA If it is true you have to add the name of your actions into the _dayzActions array in your AHconfig.sqf. Or you can disable that function by just setting _CSA = false;