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  1. @TheLonelySoul Thanks! The F1 Menu is working now!. Thing is where do spawned vehicles appear? The Gigcraft Menu still spawns vehicles in front of me but they disappear.
  2. Hello Community, I'm having some issues with vehicles de-spawning. I'm running the Gigacraft Admin Menu (because f1 dosent work) and am able to spawn any vehicle. However it only stays there for a couple of seconds before de-spawning/disappearing. I've got all my AH & BE settings to OFF and couldn't find any mention's of the disappearing vehicles in the logs (logs folder). I'm relatively new to this and was able to get this far reading through the forums, couldn't find much pertaining to the vehicle de-spawn except this thread that didn't do the trick for me. On a second note i'm using the Gigacraft Admin Menu because I cannot access the main EpochMod Admin menu. I've setup my epochah.hpp file with the proper x64 SteamID & I believe it's setup correctly. The Key binding is in fact set to F1 key but upon svr login after /#login (adminpass) still no admin menu Any help much appreciated. Sry i'm only 2 days into this & haven't found these issues anywhere yet. P.S. The 1's & TDAWG in the epochah.hpp file i've uploaded to this post off course are replaced with the proper x64ID & name on my svr. epochah.zip
  3. Hello Community, Quick question. I was able to get the GA Menu to appear on my server, however when I try to spawn in any kind of vehicle it appears for a couple of seconds then disappears. I'm not sure whats going on. All my BE & Anti Hack/Cheat functions are set to OFF for the moment for testing. Anyone having a similar issue? Thanks
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