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  1. Ok, so...unique issues... While in god mode I ran up to the mission, at about 100 meters from the actual Ural Wreck spawned by this script. (Minor Mission 6?) The mission completed it's self. In the config it's set to complete after killing 100% of the bandits. I didn't fire a single shot and maybe two or three died to friendly fire. The ones that were alive continued to fire at me until they de spawned. -edit- I derped. [fixed = forgot to upload the correct file to server] Also, reports of AI roaming more or less alone, far from the actual mission and not firing on players. (have not seen it myself yet) This, modified DZMS is the only script spawning AI. -edit 2- Just seen a group of bandits from a Medical Supply mission walking around a town about 2km out of their spawn area carrying stingers. (RPGs turned off) Only thing different is using this script over normal DZMS, and using the _CU flag, on the new infistar.
  2. For give player? For Bank? For Both? -edit- Also any RPT errors? @ Stollen (Also, difference in coding for S2.0 and Z3.0) -edit- I misunderstood, the new code adds variable to player. @Gr8 I think the variables should look like "TrBsy", true, true, instead of "TrBsy,true,0
  3. Untested. Change Bank Dialog to.... if(DZE_ActionInProgress) exitWith { cutText [(localize "str_epoch_player_10") , "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; DZE_ActionInProgress = true; player setVariable["TrBsy",true,0]; private ["_dialog"]; ZSC_CurrentStorage = _this select 3; _dialog = createDialog "BankDialog"; call BankDialogUpdateAmounts; DZE_ActionInProgress = false; uiSleep 3; player setVariable["TrBsy",false,0]; and give_Player to.... private ["_dialog"]; player setVariable["TrBsy",true,0]; uiSleep 1; ZSC_GiveMoneyTarget = cursorTarget; if( isPlayer ZSC_GiveMoneyTarget)then{ _dialog = createdialog "GivePlayerDialog"; call GivePlayerDialogAmounts; }else{ systemChat format["You are not looking correctly at a player"]; }; uiSleep 3; player setVariable["TrBsy",false,0];
  4. Caveman1's post has both fixes listed. (Original work by... Halvhjearne?) for plotToggleMarkers, error line 17 { deleteVehicle _x; } count PP_Marks; PP_Marks = nil; sleep 1; Change to... { deleteVehicle _x; } count PP_Marks; PP_Marks = nil; uiSleep 1;
  5. If you can...revert to original bank_dialog.sqf and give_player_dialog.sqf Then please post the contents of both files.
  6. Awesome Gr8 (Also, thanks for fixing up my typos)! but why do you attach it to the bank dialog too? Also, you could remove the... if (_wealth == _twealth) exitWith { cutText ["FAILED : Both Targets have same amount of money.", "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; Since it's already covered with the variable.
  7. What if you tried.... Haven't tested it yet. -edit- Most likely wont work, but what I was thinking was, setting a variable to the player when they open the give money dialog, and remove it a few seconds after it closes. If the variable is true, then it prevents the other person from trading with them until the dialog is closed. -edit 2- You might try changing... give_player_dialog.sqf to look like... Will try testing it when I can.
  8. _cursorTarget is being called inside the code of.... if (!isNull cursorTarget && !_inVehicle && !_isPZombie && (player distance cursorTarget < _allowedDistance) && _canDo) then { After that code finishes after the " }; " it frees the variable _cursorTarget. Any variable defined with an _ prefix is considered local only to the block of code that it is being ran in. So instead of increasing the size of the block of code by re adding the _cursorTarget variable and definition... I shrunk it down so that it performs the same function with cursorTarget (which is a global define, (lacks "_")). I have it running smoothly for the most part other than getting the error.... Error Undefined variable in expression: s_bank_dialog3 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.chernarus\Scripts\Fn_SelfActions\fn_selfActions.sqf, line 880 I'm thinking that's because I set the changed bottom to dialog3, instead of like dialog4 or something else I did foolishly. (But otherwise the code works flawlessly) -edit- The issue Im thinking, is with adding the code to the bottom then having step 3( B ) add the extra >> s_bank_dialog3 = -1; << above it. So moving the block I supplied to say above... if(_cursorTarget isKindOf "Generator_DZ") then { Should probably work. -edit2- Just realized the _cursorTarget should be defined for the original script as it falls inside the block where it's defined, still a little odd. Might have to look into that some more. -edit 3- More derp-ness, if you put the code block at the bottom it isn't included with _cursorTarget. (The code that defines _cursorTarget ends about 3 lines after the first >>> s_player_followdog = -1; <<<
  9. Currently trying to get this to work with Soul Coins 2.0 as well. Looks like Bankerbot variable is undefined. Do your bankers have the variable set? -edit- Found the problem. _cursorTarget is the unset variable not an action.... What the code should look like.... [For Soul's 2.0]
  10. Ok sorry I may have typed that wrong. What I meant to say is that "No spheres are spawning, at all. Except when I ran the first script, the last sphere spawned. The one that was labeled as (_thisGZ01)" When I ran the second script none of them spawned. I looked at every trader and the airfield. Im currently fine tuning this script, which I hope will work without using "forEach" Im hoping this scipt will work correctly with the usage of (_i), if I can get the spheres to spawn then I can try to use part of the previous script to set an array I hope, where this bit of code here can pull from the recently filled array. -edit- Tried running... Shows the diag logs, everything is fine. Even the "Marker Task Finished" Still, no spheres will show up around any safe zone. Zero spheres. None. I don't know what else I can do but set each position to create it's own vehicle and spam thousands of lines of near identical code. -edit 2- After finding the spheres around the hero trader I realized what the problem was and.... SOLVED!!!!!!!! SchwEde, thank you for your time and effort. I found the error and am very ashamed of it. There was a reason I didn't find the locations... I was using select 1 for the Y pos. If you look at those, they are ordered x,z,y, except hero which is x,y,y... so much shame.
  11. Sorry for bumping, but after four edits to my last post I felt that I needed to create a new one. After running this script: Of course, this didn't work for me (This script should run PERFECTLY, just remove diag_log lines to shave off the size.) So I thought maybe it's something to do with "for (_i) to (_blah) do" or maybe _objtGZ01 is being re used for the variable, so that the last position created by "forEach" is where all the red spheres should be. So I ran the following... I was able to rule out: 1) Something interfering with the script - I was able to get the "Test Item" from the first script to spawn after the "forEach" completed. No errors in RPT. 2) Items spawning in the same spot (Issue with _thisGZ01 being re-used) - Checked all areas of the safe zones, not a single red sphere. The only problem I can guess is there's something I'm doing wrong with forEach?
  12. At one point I was running... All diag_logs were posting to .RPT currently trying.... -edit- noticed the horrible errors in the second script and hopefully fixed them. -edit 2- Noticed I had an extra }; at the end of the second script and snipped it off -edit 3- that last bit of code is all junk working on getting something else to work. I feel like it's an issue with the whole for "_i" from 0... part. -edit 4- changed the code to... And a little bit of my RPT log shows.... The only thing I can think of is for some reason using the forEach causes them not to spawn?
  13. So, I have done practically everything I can think of to get this script to work, it's modified off of the infistar safe zones. I use CAGN (mostly for the tag friendly back pack stuff). So I tried using the following script... And have it activated in the server_functions with the typical execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\path\file.sqf" with diag_log, it shows the positions of everything in the RPT log. I even tossed in >> diag_log (_objt) and it shows the vehicle. But when I log into the server....I can't see any of the spheres around safe zones. No errors in server RPT, when I had it running client side, no errors in client RPT. Still, no luck with it actually spawning any of the "Sign_sphere100cm_EP1" vehicles. -edit- in the RPT it shows the third position at about -130 (When I check it against other structures I see a third position of 0.3 - .0.8) -edit 2- Ok so I modified the script to the following All I get is _thisGZ01 to spawn, all the _objt wont.
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