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  1. There by FAR the most atrocious host there is AND when you say a bad word about them they'll pm epoch admins who'll ban hammer people. Thankfully now Ark Survivor evolved is out and epoch quite literally is dead. No one but diehards like Richie is playing it and everyone else has moved on ( thankfully as epoch devs should reap what they sow! ) also 2017 mod is incoming so if you need your arma fix like most of us do just wait on that mod. They have the guy who made ibuild which was in the make arma not war contest. So it'll be a thousand times better then epochs clunky build system. It'll have real antagonists and not these poorly made running clay exploding dildos. Hagler over and out.
  2. Cloning? Lol! So that made giant rock monsters and running and exploding dildos? You know who else has a extremely small team? The ark survivor evolved ones and there killing it! That game has more content and fun upon release then epoch, dayZ stand alone, Rust, and others have in over a year plus of development. Epoch is SO boring and updates happen only every few months and quite frankly that's not good enough and using the small team excuse just doesn't cut it anymore. I urge everyone to move over to ark. Especially all the modders!
  3. It's almost non existent now when you check people playing Epoch. Think it's not just developers fault tho. There's a lot of new AAA games recently released and more incoming like Arkham Knight on Tuesday. Think tho they need to keep the player base they do have informed on whats incoming and when to roughly expect it.
  4. Indeed I am. I also think New Zealand isn't a country we'd need to bore ourselves with Frodo :)
  5. Lmao at New Zealand ain't no one going there. Why even post that non sense?!
  6. And I will casually answer you fuck your post! Without the zeds there'd of literally been no epoch! Zeds definitely should be brought in. I myself don't much care for the running and exploding dildo or the constant buzzing of the million drone army. Give me base building, looting, and the undead over what epoch currently is any dayZ.
  7. Are you comprehending this thread? Is English a second language? Two extremely experienced scripter shave posted on this thread as to why he was kicked and how it is actually there fault. Perhaps pay attention to the thread before posting.. Never mind you need a uppercut to the jaw Hagler style :D
  8. Play other games until it's more developed then. I quite enjoy arma 3 epoch but I also found a server that is run by a very competent scripter which is half the battle imho. I'm looking forward to playing epoch and that new Ark Survival.
  9. Seriously? Why are trolls like you allowed?.. Hagler doesn't approve and would uppercut you into sleepy time.
  10. Sounds like you enjoy first world problems :D
  11. Don't want nor need a ebike. Need a bicycle as that's silent. Also I don't run a server choppra so save your snide comments. This is a suggestion thread on needs of epoch and I made one. Regards.
  12. N bicycles ffs these maps are all massive and running ain't cutting it.
  13. Will you be sharing it with the community?
  14. I suppose so but thankfully at least on this particular topic your in the minority. The feedback and rock man has been overwhelmingly negative. There's also no reason the bicycle shouldn't of been in since day one. These maps are all bloody massive and there should be a basic means of transport above just running.
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