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  1. XXX thanks I'll give that a try when I get home from work.
  2. #45 "emchat("YOU ARE HUNGRY! EAT OR YOU WILL DIE SOON"); player setDamage _damage; sleep 15; _ate = EPOCH_playerHunger; if(_ate < 100" getting this error.. no matter what I put into the script.txt for line 46 nothing seems to work.. I then get server not ready 03 errors. line 46 is 7 setDamage
  3. Nah brother... I just had to learn the same way.. You get used to looking at the code and what not for the kicks.. you have a look at whats important and select stuff thats before these ; and copy it into the line that requires the exception in your scripts.txt.. sometimes you get the wrong one but you can usually figure it out.. Halv despite being helpful and not so helpful all at the same time has been a huge help in me learning how to do it. By him not spoon feeding me with assistance with getting his script going I learned alot. Thanks for that. Keep a backup of your servers files just in case in a zip file.. I mucked up some stuff while I was learning all of this stuff for the past month and its been beneficial. I can easily put the server back into a stable state before I F'd it up... Good luck.
  4. in scripts text line 2 at the end add.. !"zoneY + safezoneH - 0.8,0.7],_onScreenTime,0.5] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; try adding that and see what happens..
  5. that worked thank you Halv.. one last bug to squash #12 ";_para setdir direction _unit;_vel = velocity _unit;_unit moveindriver _para;_para lock false;if (_unit == player) then {" not sure how to right the exception for that... I did have it as on line 13 !=";_para setdir direction _unit;_vel = velocity _unit;_unit moveindriver _para;_para lock false;if (_unit == player) then {" tried that and got it again... then tried !";_para setdir direction _unit;_vel = velocity _unit;_unit moveindriver _para;_para lock false;if (_unit == player) then {" still got it...
  6. halv I have a question.. I got it all to load in finally.. now when I am in admin mode in InfiSTAR it loads fine and works fine.. when I remove myself from the run.sqf when I load in fresh to the server after suiciding to make sure I'm fresh I get the spawn dialog option on the pedestals for a sec then infistar loads up on the server (I am not an admin at this point because I removed my GUID) and it disappears and all I see at the pedestal is the Inventory selection ring around it.. I have the addition of the 7777 for the dialogs idd in the run.sqf but still happening. The spawndialog.hpp is added in the description file above my infistar Thats at the top of my description.ext #include "addons\halv_spawn\spawndialog.hpp" #include "infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp" author = "Epoch Mod Team"; class Header init.sqf [] execVM "addons\halv_spawn\init.sqf" run.sqf /* Use allowed Dialogs ? */ _UDW = true; /* true or false */ /* _allowedDialogs: Insert IDDs here to prevent them from being closed! Default ArmA3 and Altis-Life idds should be in already. */ _allowedDialogs = [-1,602,7777]; I had to add an exception 22 to the scripts.txt and an exception 40 as well.. just seems like something in infistar is stopping it. As I said it loads up briefly and I get the select spawn point dialog and then it disappears and I cant get it back till I do a full restart on the server. So far it appears I've done everything correct. now I'm just stumped
  7. Im sorry I think that perhaps you misunderstood my tone.. or perhaps my frustrations have bled out into my post a bit. either way except my apologies as it was not my intent. I am thankful for script creators and to me what you guys do is wizards work. The most frustrating thing for me is perhaps that I've followed the instructions as best to my knowledge and have gotten the podiums into the spawn room but the script isn't firing the spawn dialog and locations
  8. Perhaps a video tutorial of the installation process would be in order to assist in dealing with most of these matters. It seems that alot of script creators like to keep things all mysterious or the people who get it working like to keep the installation process a mystery as well. Several people have asked for assistance.. some have gotten it others are still right where they were when they began. I'm not really sure what the big deal of doing the community a solid and helping out with a clear cut installation tutorial. Perhaps someone can do it for everyone.. all the way from creation of the init.sqf to the full on installation of the script. I know its not rocket science.. but some of us are learning how to script and how it all works.. seeing it actually done would help out ALOT of us. Thxs in advance if this can be done.. If not then I really don't have much hope for the community as a whole.
  9. lol least you can get it installed some what correctly daja... think you could help me out and tell me where I went wrong in my video?
  10. I had a problem with the halo script installation and now with yours Krosaver.. I think there is something I am obviously not doing correctly. Perhaps you can enlighten me as to what I am not doing correctly.. I created a flash video.. sorry for the poor mic quality.. was my crappy one didn't realize I had it plugged in over my other one. I made a video of my troubles.. perhaps you can help me understand what I did wrong.
  11. can anyone answer my question? I see alot of you have it running .
  12. OK I installed the mod as such.. I put the addon folder into my mission pbo and the init.sqf with my description and mission.sqf in the main epoch.altis folder is that correct?
  13. maybe I'm an idiot but could someone explain how to install the script.. I can't really get the jist of the instructions Halv left. New server noob... help a brotha out.
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