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  1. \z\addons\dayz_code\system\BIS_Effects\init.sqf is for the weather effects on your server like rain, cloudy, storm etc... You have to comment this out because of the fast time travel. Or you would have very fast clouds in the sky with lags. There is a slightly modified version where you can use the weather effects but it seems that it's not working correctly
  2. Wow, thanks for the list. Where did you get it? Does it make a difference whether it's uppercase or lowercase written?
  3. Is there an easy way to not allowed building near any Land_House or something like that? Don't want that my players can build near any town, city or loot place like small houses. Tried Land_*, Land_House* but didn't work
  4. Delete the two last }; so that it looks like this player removeAction s_rules; s_rules = 1; if(speed player <= 0) then { _isDirty = true; if(_isDirty) then { _rule_set1 = player addAction["PVP","custom\rules\pvp.sqf","",-5,false,false,"",""]; _rule_set2 = player addAction["Safezones","custom\rules\safezone.sqf","",-6,false,false,"",""]; _rule_set3 = player addAction["Chat","custom\rules\chat.sqf","",-7,false,false,"",""]; _rule_set4 = player addAction["Building","custom\rules\building.sqf","",-8,false,false,"",""]; _rule_set5 = player addAction["Cheating","custom\rules\cheating.sqf","",-9,false,false,"",""]; _rule_set6 = player addAction["Thanks","custom\rules\thanks.sqf","",-12,false,true,"",""]; waitUntil { speed player > 0 }; s_rules = -1; player removeAction _rule_set1; player removeAction _rule_set2; player removeAction _rule_set3; player removeAction _rule_set4; player removeAction _rule_set5; player removeAction _rule_set6; _rule_set1 = -1; _rule_set2 = -1; _rule_set3 = -1; _rule_set4 = -1; _rule_set5 = -1; _rule_set6 = -1; }; }; and you're fine. Another question: Is it possible to add a background like in the debug monitor the half transparent brown background to the info boards?
  5. Hi, can I use the "!(isNull player) && {(getPlayerUID player) in DZE_DEPLOYABLE_ADMINS}" in the 'click_action' 'config.sqf' too? Or is there another way to only allow admins (or special UIDs) to use one right click action?
  6. Hey :) Thanks for the help. Unfortunately the errors are still there. The problem is that even if you only stand still and do nothing the client rpt is size is rising. So i have to sadly deactivate the script. In the time when i was writing this the file size went from 102kb to 479kb only by being online. Don't want to find out how much the file would be after a long playing time ^^ It must be something different on my server so that these errors comes up. Because alot of ppl have this script but don't complain about these errors. So i have to deal with it right now.
  7. Sure.. here it is...
  8. Hi all, have another error in my client rpt: The script seems to work. Everything is saved. But how can i fix the client rpt errors? In my fn_selfActions.sqf i have paste the code from this post: Thanks
  9. Thank you very much. This works perfect.
  10. Does someone knows how to start events only if - for example - 10+ players are online? Some kind of checking playable units maybe? Don't know. Don't want that the same 2-3 players can get the event loot in the night so easy
  11. I use Dwarfers TradeFromVehicle Script and it works on epoch chernarus incl. Custom Traders and Gold Bars. Only thing is i get this error too in client RPT Any solutions on this?
  12. is it normal that i can't pay the maintain price with a briefcase? If the price is 3 10oz gold i have to put the 3x 10oz gold out of the briefcase.
  13. There should be an option where AIs won't have gear/weapon when you overrun them... try to set this option to false... wait, i'll check this... In DZMS at about line 29 set this to false // Do you want AI that players run over to not have gear? // (If DZMSCleanDeath is true, this doesn't matter) DZMSRunGear = false; Don't know if DZAI has something similar... but WAI don't have this option afaik... so check it out in DZMS and hopefully it will work then
  14. still lootspawn in safezones and tradercitys
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