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  1. what are this for poles and where did u get the railing from? These bases look awesome <3
  2. https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/issues/1470 with that link I fixed, that loot was only spawning once per server period here my post to that in the forum of nitrado.de there is also a file attached with the fix in it. I uploaded here as you need to be logged in at nitrado to download it. If I remeber right, there was around April this year a pull request to this, I'm not sure if its already acceptet Btw would would be also nice is a mod, where epoch-buildings (Buildings from Databasse maybe too) are not exactly saved or read out from database after restart. I mean you build a wall and after retastart the wall is not a the exact place where you build it. [Release v1.0.5] Precise Base Building I have it since start of my server and its great especially with Snap-Build. What also would be nice: An AK-Ammunition box, just like u have it for 7.62 and 5.56-STANAG so that u have this box as AK-Ponuent to the STANAG-Box but with AK- and AKSD-Magazines in it. in fact, that AKSD not even exists in eoch (unless you make an own loot-table and add it, which I have done and I also added every normal weapon like MK-16's, Mk-17's M110-NVG and all kinds of AK'S)
  3. Yeah thats what I guess too, what seems to minimize the bug is, when u drop your backpack into any storage (vehicle or shed or whatever) and change skin withou any backpack on (like it was forbidden to change skins while wearing a backpack in older Epoch-versions). but a state like "changing_skin = true" while chaning cloths and after the Humanity and other player-values have been transfered "changing_skin = false" and as well only synchplayer if "!changing_skin" I think this might be the best way to solve this. There is also a bug with the loot timer, which ahs already a fix in github. On my server I fixed it for my self, but it should deffently be part of the next version ;).
  4. This was not the only problem around that, there is also a bug (appears msotly wehn wearing a backpack while changing clothes) that ur chracter ID could not be received when changing clothes, so you'll loose ur humanity for the server period and ur character can not be synched. I'll have a watch to find a log of my server, where some errors with that are postet. here its waht i mean:
  5. got this working on my epoch salvage_vehicle.sqf: private ["_part","_cancel","_color","_percent","_string","_handle","_damage","_cmpt","_vehicle","_hitpoints"]; _vehicle = _this select 3; {dayz_myCursorTarget removeAction _x} count s_player_repairActions; s_player_repairActions = []; _hitpoints = _vehicle call vehicle_getHitpoints; { _damage = [_vehicle,_x] call object_getHit; _part = "PartGeneric"; //change "HitPart" to " - Part" rather than complicated string replace _cmpt = toArray (_x); _cmpt set [0,20]; _cmpt set [1,toArray ("-") select 0]; _cmpt set [2,20]; _cmpt = toString _cmpt; if(["Engine",_x,false] call fnc_inString) then { _part = "PartEngine"; }; if(["HRotor",_x,false] call fnc_inString) then { _part = "PartVRotor"; //yes you need PartVRotor to fix HRotor LOL }; if(["Fuel",_x,false] call fnc_inString) then { _part = "PartFueltank"; }; if(["Wheel",_x,false] call fnc_inString) then { _part = "PartWheel"; }; if(["Glass",_x,false] call fnc_inString) then { _part = "PartGlass"; }; // allow removal of any lightly damaged parts if (_damage < 1) then { // Do not allow removal of engine or fueltanks if( _part == "PartGlass" || _part == "PartWheel" || _part == "PartEngine" || _part == "PartVRotor" || _part == "PartFueltank" || _part == "PartGeneric" ) then { _color = "color='#00ff00'"; // green if (_damage >= 0.1) then {_color = "color='#bfff00'";}; //light-green if (_damage >= 0.35) then {_color = "color='#ffff00'";}; //yellow if (_damage >= 0.65) then {_color = "color='#ff8800'";}; //orange if (_damage >= 0.9) then {_color = "color='#ff0000'";}; //red _percent = round(_damage*100); _string = format["<t %2>Remove%1 (%3 %4)</t>",_cmpt,_color,_percent,"%"]; //Remove - Part _handle = dayz_myCursorTarget addAction [_string, "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\salvage.sqf",[_vehicle,_part,_x], 0, false, true, "",""]; s_player_repairActions set [count s_player_repairActions,_handle]; }; }; } count _hitpoints; if(count _hitpoints > 0 ) then { _cancel = dayz_myCursorTarget addAction [localize "STR_EPOCH_PLAYER_CANCEL", "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\repair_cancel.sqf","repair", 0, true, false, "",""]; s_player_repairActions set [count s_player_repairActions,_cancel]; s_player_repair_crtl = 1; };fn_selfActions.sqf (particular): //Repairing Vehicles if ((dayz_myCursorTarget != _cursorTarget) && _isVehicle && !_isMan && _hasToolbox && (damage _cursorTarget < 1) && !_isDisallowRepair) then { if (s_player_repair_crtl < 0) then { dayz_myCursorTarget = _cursorTarget; _menu = dayz_myCursorTarget addAction [localize "STR_EPOCH_PLAYER_REPAIRV", "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\repair_vehicle.sqf",_cursorTarget, 0, true, false, "",""]; s_player_repairActions set [count s_player_repairActions,_menu]; if(!locked _cursorTarget) then { _menu1 = dayz_myCursorTarget addAction [localize "STR_EPOCH_PLAYER_SALVAGEV", "custom\salvage_vehicle.sqf",_cursorTarget, 0, true, false, "",""]; s_player_repairActions set [count s_player_repairActions,_menu1]; }; s_player_repair_crtl = 1; } else { {dayz_myCursorTarget removeAction _x} count s_player_repairActions;s_player_repairActions = []; s_player_repair_crtl = -1; }; };
  6. I got exactly the same problem on my new DFayZ-Epoch Server After installing a DayZ-Epoch Arma2OA server on my root and confguring it (it runs well). I tried to install BEC and it starts without erros. But it closes without any message after trying to check for updates. Any1 have an Idea how this can happen?* I also got the Problem, that neither DART, nor Arma2 (In-Game Browser) or gamtetraker is able to show me the connected players. All i get is [2015-11-03 | 21:06:19] Player #2 [Woos]_JAN (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:2304) connected [2015-11-03 | 21:14:41] Player #2 [Woos]_JAN disconnectedOn my other nitrado-gameserver it looks in DART like: [2015-11-03 | 21:06:13] Player #0 raay (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:2304) connected [2015-11-03 | 21:06:14] Player #0 raay - GUID: ... (unverified) [2015-11-03 | 21:06:15] Verified GUID (...) of player #0 raay [2015-11-03 | 21:06:15] Player #0 raay - Legacy GUID: ... [2015-11-03 | 21:06:17] Player #0 raay disconnected *EDIT got BEC working with a .bat: Bec.exe -f Config.cfg --dscAfter adding --dsc as startparameter BEC startet succesfully But the Cumputed GUID from BattlEye does still not show up.
  7. Yes u need to combine the fn_selfactions.sqf from snap-build with the one from alchemical crafting. I've done this 8 or 9 Months ago, so I don't know the exact steps. But it does work with "f" placing the object and walk around. On some objects it is necessarry to do that like MAP_lobby_counter, it will spawn in u and throw u around untill u hit a stonewall. so the onyl way to place this is, standing on a nearby stonewall, craft the lobby_counter, and set its high over ur haed, that snap it "f", move and place it like u want. If u want I can give u some help in my TS and show it u on my Server how it does work with snap-build. Check my homepage http://www.zentrale-des-wahnsinns.eu Teamspeak and Server are both linked there.
  8. It works fine for me, but on my superhero trader it does not work fine, i get for 4 x M136 only 1BC instead of 8BC, like ist in the trader menu. I have CFGTrader active. I digged a bit in the code there seems to be a bug, that every weapon is traded for the same price. o.O Well i found the bug: the M136 Rocketlauncher and his rockets got the same classname: "M136" so the Script is trading the m136-Roketlauncher as M136 Roket for only 10Gold instead of 2BC. This should be updatetd, to check if the found Classname belongs to the weapon or the Magazine.
  9. Well I read now the whole post, but I'm a bit confused... Is it possible to make only a few Zombies walk and the other zombies run? So like 30% still run, and the rest ist wlaking. Or maybe if its öpossible, to ad a Map with speeds and some percentage how often zombies will have this speed? Like 60% walking, 30% running and 10% running faster than player, like they are on extasy?
  10. I have the Problem, that infisSTAR seems to block the menu, only admins can open it. I already added it to the _cMenu-Section but normal players only see few milli-seconds the menu and than it disapears has any1 an idea how to solve this? Answer: /* BLOCK ALL CMDMenus */ _BCM = false; /* true or false */ /* we don't need commandingMenus. so have this true as well. */set it to false and the normal players can use the Menu
  11. I need help... I'm trying to install VASP on my Epoch-Server to my various scripts, like shorter buying animation and CFG-Trader. But even for me as admin it doesnt work. I don't even know if its probably loaded. Cause my custom-Debug-Monitor may block ur display. So I have 2 Questions: why not add a little line in chat like AGN-Safezones instead of the Monitor? and How do I verify the script is at least being loaded? When I push F5 NOTHING happens. I have also Vector-Building and Alchemical Crafting installed, they may struggle with VASP as they also check for F5. EDIT: I already added a systemchat and even not this is displaying so it seems to be, that the script is not even loaded.
  12. Hey guys, due several problems I decided to swith from linux to an Windows Server 2012 R2 Root. But I can't find a good actual tutorial, how to setup a Epoch-Server. It would be good to know, how can i download The Files from Steam (is there a steamcmd also for Windows available?), how do I start the Server and and and. Please give an advice to a good tutorial, I can only find crappy stuff, like copying 16GB of my game files to the root, which is really silly and would take ridiculous much time. kind regards Basti890
  13. Hey I just noticed a really nasty Bug. My Epoch Server is stopping logging in the log-file (dump.log), and so nothing what happens on the server will have an effect due writer.pl doesn't get any commands to reds in the log-file. How can I prevent this?
  14. Well u just answered your Problem. You got libc6 version 2.13, but you need version 2,15 or higher (latest version is 2.19) just install the latest glibc6 (on google you will find many instructions how to) and look if it works then.
  15. @DeanReid Thanks for the link it just showed me the server was added succesfully Ok well update to the problem: I installed a server totally new with the files from desnio. and now it works all fine beside a bug, that my character gets resetet. What is happening: I die with my character from the first tryout (before I installed Gender-Selection and Play-as-Zombie like done here: ) I respawn without Gender selection at the point I died I relog and I need to select a new Gender and my Humanity gets lost. I relog again and need to select again a new gender. Well I read on git about a "rollback"-bug and that it migth help to "rm -rf /cache/player/*" to clean up the cache directory at every restart. Does any1 got some information about that? Does this work or may it crash the Server or cause some other problems?
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