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  1. Hi guys It's our server Jacket is being kicked from. Usually it just says something like SC Jacket disconnected (I don't have a screenshot with the exact error message it seems). The last time he was kicked it said: Player jacket11: Wrong signature for file addons\map_altis_data_layers.pbo SC Player jacket11 kicked off Player jacket11 disconnected *EDIT* I should also note that the kick isn't instant when he connects. He can run around the game for 20-30 seconds usually...and is then kicked. The weird thing is, he's done a full reinstall of the game, installed just the mods needed for our server and is still being kicked. I've checked with our technical admin and he says there are no error messages server side that could be causing the problem. We're completely stumped! Any suggestions would be really appreciated! Thanks very much!
  2. Hi everyone Thanks again for your posts. Grahame, thank you for posting that list, that's exactly what we're needing at the moment! We have tried with the zombies mod, the one already built into Epoch. For some reason it's crashing the server with a memory dump, no idea what's going on with that, but it's crashing clients at the same time so we've had to turn it off for now. Has that happened to you, or anyone else before, is there a fix for it? I'll certainly look up the other scripts you've recommended as well! Donnovan, sorry to hear you've had trouble. We've found the Exile team to be...difficult as well. We quite clearly remember early in the release when everyone was clamouring for a new update to fix some game breaking bugs and that evening, on stream, they decided it was far more important to add sticky bombs to the features list as someone asked for it live on stream...hundreds of people were waiting for a patch, but nope, they had to do that on the spot. It never materialised either! You're probably best off out of it imo, it seems a bit of a toxic community in general.
  3. Ah ha! Just what I need, thanks very much for linking to those, that's really handy! :D Good to hear Donnovan, I do hope people haven't given up on Epoch, it's our favourite mod! What's made you decide to come back to Epoch?
  4. Ah, yeah, good idea, thanks! We have CUP in and Ryans zombies will be going in but isn't there yet. A HUD script would be handy. Our tech admin did try one we used to use, but that seems to be bugged now. We'd like our logo branding in the corner if possible. AI missions / patrols would be really welcomed by our long-term players if that's possible to work these days. I'm not sure what else to be honest, depends what works I suppose! Thanks. :)
  5. Thanks very much! Can I request a name change then please to Element 83 or Element 83 Gaming. Thanks very much. Ironically, that was a by the way thing, for anyone reading, I'd still be interested to know if there are any mods that still work with Epoch 0.3.9 Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone After a long absence from Epoch (it was missed!), we are reopening an Epoch server, in fact it's just come online today. I'm not the technical admin of it, but our server guru who is has said that many of the mods that used to work don't anymore, or haven't been updated in months. Does anyone have a list of the currently supported and up to date mods that we could pick and choose from, to customise the server a bit? Thanks very much. Good to be back in Epoch! :) P.S. Is there any way of changing your profile name, our community is called "Element 83 Gaming" instead of Altis Tales now. Thank you!
  7. Hi everyone I'm seeing a few threads on here lately about Epoch, and a big Epoch vs Exile debate, most of the replies involve gifs with popcorn, which, while funny, don't help decide anything. I'm not going to bash, I love Epoch! I have both an Epoch and an Exile server and since Exile came out I have seen my Epoch server plummet from 35-40 players a night (it had been rapidly climbing recently) to 5-6 unique players in a 24 hour period...not good. There have been a few new AAA games released recently which will account for some players but not the drastic number that we've lost, most of them are in Exile. Now, as I said I do love Epoch and I want to run both servers side by side. Most players are asking me "Why would I go back to Epoch? What does it offer?" All I can really tell them is, 'just wait for 0.4, it's going to have a lot of new building updates in it, it should be really interesting!'. But of course they ask for a time scale etc. I also hear from a lot of players saying that they won't be returning to Epoch due to lack of updates etc. So Epoch...please give us some ideas about what the future holds and an idea of when we can expect it. It's just a plea, not a demand as some ragey posters have done in the past. I want to keep our Epoch server going but I need to be able to give people a reason to keep playing. Can anyone give any news about that? Thanks.
  8. Come on guys, don't mess him about. THUNDERDOWNUNDER, you just need the latest version of the client software, you can find it here - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27245
  9. Hi everyone We had some very sad news on our server the other day, unfortunately one of our long standing members has passed away. We want to create a little memorial for him in the place where his base was, and using Infistar we can spawn in things like flags, an unknown soldier tombstone, etc. etc. Unfortunately everything disappears after restart. Does anyone know how we can make these spawned objects permanent additions to the server so we don't have to recreate it each restart? Thanks very much.
  10. We upgraded to 1.48 and and after all the problems have rolled back to most of the problems with us. :( I suggest you don't upgrade yet!
  11. This is a good point, admins do have to look at rules from a players perspective, I've had players (including some who are now our admins) state that admins killed them for a perceived slight against them, anything as simple as just killing them with a good shot and they were instantly killed with a Zeus or just banned from the server...that's just bonkers. Some admins can be over sensitive (or power hungry) but I've also noticed that some players can get nasty, really nasty. Server hosting is something we're fairly new to (been doing it a few months now) and it's absolutely brilliant. The amount of people you get to chat to and have a laugh with is great, but you also bump up against some very strange/angry/controlling/racist people as well. Even some that seem fine to begin with and then suddenly explode with seemingly very little reason. When you have to deal with that day in, day out, I can see why it's easier to just hit the ban button. As DirtySanchez says, they had to run from their dinner to deal with that problem. I've had a similar thing, I've been sat at the computer monitoring situations before now instead of eating or working because of how things are going down in game. Thankfully I now have a great team of admins who take some of the workload but as I say, I can see where a ban is easier than trying to resolve a situation and then having to monitor it for days to make sure the player doesn't carry on doing whatever it was he shouldn't be doing. We've had to ban a few people and I felt awful the first time I had to do it but there is a relief as well that the player won't come back and upset the decent members of the community, who generally are in the silent majority.
  12. Thank you for those details, that's really handy to know. Is there an area where admins can share details of banned players? I have a few that I'm happy to share with other server owners!
  13. Hi ChurchillDRG Well, I can highly recommend our server, Altis Tales! We run on a dedicated server with a nice fat data pipe and have several loyal members connecting from the US with pings of less than 100ms. We pride ourselves on two things: 1. Server performance, we consistently run at greater than 50fps. 2. Admin help. Our admins have all been hand picked by myself and genuinely want to help players. We run mods to have missions such as secure the crashed chopper etc., and secure the loot drops. For general activity we have roaming AI in vehicles patrolling about Altis. It's a PvP server running MAS Weapons 1.8 with a friendly community atmosphere. We don't have a select loadout option, but we do have plenty of loot about so it's easy to gear up. If you have any questions please do ask otherwise just pop along and see what you think, we also have a free teamspeak for all players. Our details are - Hope to see you in game! *edit* Wow, quick response by DirtySanchez! Well we're willing to give you a chance if you behave yourself! ;)
  14. Ah ha, thank you, you are both right! We did think we were on the latest version, but on closer inspection, we were on the right day, but they released two version on the same day and we were using the earlier version *facepalm* Latest version installed and the problem is fixed! Thanks for the help! :D
  15. Hi Thanks very much for your speedy reply! This is the version we're running,|1.42, I think it's the latest?
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