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  1. Ok it was my fault...I changed the startup parameter from my server without an -ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx so the HC can connect via Anyway the HC will not slotted automatically and get kicked after x minutes idling in the lobby :D I only edit the mission.sqm and insert the AI Mission in the custom folder in my PBO. Start the HC client and nothing happen. Server still pending on status "waiting" and my HC is only in the lobby :(
  2. Hmm weired. tried it like you said and reinstall the whole Arma via Steam but I have the same issue. Server is started but the client only say "Dedicated client created" and nothing else...:( are there any other things I can check?
  3. lahlor

    BE Kick #9

    Ok great. I will give a try. Any ideas why this is happening?
  4. ok let me spam again :) Have solve it by my own after changing the size to 400x400 and trying it by converting the file to ".paa" Cheers!
  5. lahlor

    BE Kick #9

    Hello Guys, I got a lot of BE Kicks #9 since I activate the BE filter. #9 "d select 0 == 1)) then {_return = true;}; _return }; CUP_setVelocity = { (_this select 0) setVelocity (_this select 1); }; CU" Does anyone of you know what I have to insert to my scripts.txt? Currently I have set the option to 1 and not 7 so no one get be kicked. 1 setvelocity !="_bolt setPosATL _pos;\n_bolt setVelocity [0, 0, -10];" !="EPOCH_target setvelocitytransformation" !="_currentTarget setVelocity [0,0,-0.01];" !="_head setVelocity [random 2,random 2,10];" !="_vel = velocity this; _dir = getDir player; this setVelocity[(_vel select 0)+(sin _dir * 2),(_vel select 1)+(cos _dir * 2),(_vel select 2)];" Cheers lahlor
  6. Ok but if I use your code, I get the BE kicks as I mentioned above :( Anyway I disabled the no damage code, so finally only the messages will shown.
  7. ok here the infos: snippet of my mission.sqm side = "CIV"; vehicle = "VirtualMan_EPOCH"; player = "PLAY CDG"; leader = 1; skill = 0.6; }; }; }; }; class Vehicles { items = 1; class Item0 { position[] = {23600.611,2.8548489,17990.768}; azimut = 180.4026; offsetY = 5; id = 1; side = "EMPTY"; vehicle = "UserTexture10m_F"; skill = 0.6; init = "this setObjectTexture [0, ""image.jpg""]"; }; }; class Markers { items = 3; class Item0 The file "image.jpg" is in the root of the PBO, so next to my mission.sqm. The resolution is 800x800 pixel and ~ 650 KB
  8. This can be a solution of my BE Kicks. But how do you set the messages which will be shown when you entered a safezone and how do you coded the no damage for players?
  9. Hi Guys, I am getting a BE Kick #20 "H", "_safeZoneFiredEH"]; waitUntil { inSafeZone }; player allowDamage false; _safeZoneDamageEH = player addEventhandler["HandleD" Any idea what I have to change? I have already insert in line 58 7 removeEventHandler !"player removeEventhandler["HandleDamage", _safeZoneDamageEH];" And in line 22 7 exec !="[] execVM "scripts/safezone.sqf";"
  10. Hey, I have a little problem with my image. As you can see on the picture it is only white but it has to be some text and nice pictures in it. Does anyone of you guys have an idea what exactly is happening? I copied the image.jpg in the root folder of my PBO file. http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/707401214552800857/63457B533ECDCEFC5484E51F6B40676B63DF5207/
  11. Ok guys..I finished up with my debugging. After creating a case at my hoster, they provide me the info, that an old BEC version are running on all vServer. So they updated them to the latest BEC version and now everything is working fine. So thank you for your help and time. The problem was at g-portal.de side. To sum it up for all other people who are running a server from g-portal.de they have globally updated all servers to the newest/latest BEC version. Everyone who had problem shouldn´t have them anymore!
  12. @computermancer thanks a lot..your updated script works fine. And no issue regarding death and +1 entry of earplugs in the menu.
  13. You are so great Friendly. It is working like a sharm now! Thank you sooo much...you have save me for spending hours of searching :)
  14. Ok tried it too...No error messages will be shown. So seems to be ok, but no messages are shown in game.. Any suggestions? here is my mission.sqm
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