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  1. Matijs


    Yeah, gotta just do something that is never done before :)
  2. Matijs


    Yeah. Good idea @Richie that map you making is looking good.
  3. Back on track guys, 13 players on yesterday!
  4. Matijs


    Hello everyone, I was wondering what the plan is with this Karma system? Anyone knows what it is or does?
  5. Its been a quiet week. We are planning on adding some more features so it gets more interesting.
  6. We've hit 20 players in the first 4 days! Lets try to reach 30+ this week.
  7. After a very long break from epoch, me (the original DeadZ owner) and Naminis (an admin on DeadZ) have decided to make our good old Overpoch Taviana server running again! Not only this server is running the good old scripts from before, but also some newer things! FEATURES Taviana Map Custom Loot System (+ alot of loot) Trader Safezones Missions: - Sector B - AI Missions - Capture Missions - Vehicle Missions - ... Earplugs Lock Picking Black Market Trader Nametags Realistic Health System Destructable Frequency Jammers SUPPORTED MODS We support AllInArmaTerrainPack Lite & Enhanced Movement as an optional mod. HOW TO DOWNLOAD Download using A3Launcher or Download all required mods manually: Epoch All In Arma Terrain Pack Taviana A3 Mas Weapons Mas Vehicles launch your game with these mods in order. HOW TO PLAY A3Launcher: Search for "savages.nu" Manually: Launch the game with the mods in order like above, then either filter for "savages" or hit Remote and type the following IP: server.savages.nu:2502 REPORT BUGS / SUGGESTIONS If you would like to suggest something or if you find any sort of bugs that you want to report. Go on to our forum and post it under this section: http://savages.nu/forum/index.php?/forums/forum/5-general-discussion/ SERVER INFO IP: server.savages.nu:2502 Website: http://www.savages.nu/ Forum: http://www.savages.nu/forum Teamspeak: ts.savages.nu SERVER SPECS CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1225v2 Freq.: 3.2 GHz+ RAM: 16GB Drive: 2x2TB SATA RAID: Soft ADMIN APPLICATIONS << apply here >> GAMETRACKER
  8. I was trying it out, my game crashed after leaving the eastern spawn.
  9. Nevermind, thanks to richie I know what the problem is.
  10. Fucking hell richie you are my hero.
  11. Has there been any changes in how the teleport portals work in Im seeing no portals any more with this update. And also maybe what this "true" thingy means in the custom building file in the epoch settings pbo. Kind regards, Matijs
  12. Richie, I did not expect that from you.
  13. So can I get a new signature aswel? I asked robio before, but he couldnt change it. 3 Images I mean.
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