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  1. imranh101

    Using welcomecredits.sqf causes script kick

    I actually did try searching for welcome credits kick, welcome credits script restriction, etc. and had no results. Ended up finding a different script to use that included the needed BE filters :P
  2. Hey guys, hoping for some help with this script kick. I have included the scripts log to help figure out what exception I need added... Here is the script I'm using : /* File: welcomecredits.sqf Author: HellsGate Date: 14/12/2013 Description: Creates an intro on the bottom-right hand corner of the screen. */ _onScreenTime = 8; //<-- How long is the text on the screen for ? Recommended: 1 sleep 15; //Wait in seconds before the credits start after player is in-game _role1 = "Welcome to "; _role1names = ["omitted"]; _role2 = "Version based on:"; _role2names = ["Epochmod.com"]; _role3 = "Admin Team"; _role3names = ["omitted"]; _role4 = "Programming Team"; _role4names = ["omitted"]; _role5 = "Design Team:"; _role5names = ["omitted"]; _role6 = "Website:"; _role6names = ["omitted"]; _role7 = "TeamSpeak:"; _role7names = ["omitted"]; { sleep 2; _memberFunction = _x select 0; _memberNames = _x select 1; _finalText = format ["<t size='0.55' color='#ffff33' align='right'>%1<br /></t>", _memberFunction]; _finalText = _finalText + "<t size='0.70' color='#FFFFFF' align='right'>"; {_finalText = _finalText + format ["%1<br />", _x]} forEach _memberNames; _finalText = _finalText + "</t>"; _onScreenTime + (((count _memberNames) - 1) * 0.9); [ _finalText, [safezoneX + safezoneW - 0.8,0.50], //DEFAULT: 0.5,0.35 [safezoneY + safezoneH - 0.8,0.7], //DEFAULT: 0.8,0.7 _onScreenTime, 0.5 ] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; sleep (_onScreenTime); } forEach [ //The list below should have exactly the same amount of roles as the list above [_role1, _role1names], [_role2, _role2names], [_role3, _role3names], [_role4, _role4names], [_role5, _role5names], [_role6, _role6names], [_role7, _role7names], ]; The script kick error is... 23.03.2015 20:02:39: Omitted ( 3f634fdd4235e4fc620fdd45619e8150 - #1 "Y + safezoneH - 0.8,0.7], _onScreenTime, 0.5 ] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; sleep (_onScreenTime); } forEach [ [_role1, _role1na" Thanks in advance :)
  3. imranh101


    Editing the hosts file IS a workaround.
  4. Okay so, before I look into the Smoke issues, there is another problem now... Since BEC went down, server was acting up and hadn't restarted in 12 hours. Close it down and restart and one of the massive buildings we built is half-gone. As in the 2nd floor is there but the 1st floor and 3rd are missing. What? So I pull up a backup of when it was KNOWN WORKING and the same parts are missing... I have BEC running off local host now and working alright but one of these buildings that we spent days on is now half-there, floating... Any idea what I can do to fix it? And what might have caused it? As I said the backup is known working because we restored to it just fine last night after some other issues. But now the same backup is missing parts? Thanks in advance :) Heh. Someone wasn't upkeeping our frequency jammer so it decayed. No chance to bring em' back I'm guessing?
  5. 22:30:47 Player X connected (id=76561198052994540). 22:30:47 BattlEye Server: Verified GUID (zzz) of player #0 X 22:31:59 BattlEye Server: Script Log: #0 X (zzz) - #9 "okeg setVectorUp (_Gvel call BIS_fnc_unitVector); 22:31:59 _smokeg setVelocity _Gvel; 22:31:59 _shells set [count _shells, _smokeg]; 22:31:59 }; 22:31:59 22:31:59 22:31:59 _shells " 22:31:59 Player X kicked off by BattlEye: Script Restriction #9 22:31:59 Player X disconnected. And in my createvehicle, !="SmokeLauncherAmmo"
  6. Telling me to do something I've done 5 times IS worthless. You've been about as useful as an idiot on the other end of the phone saying "Did you try rebooting your computer?" when someone's monitor is cracked. Thanks for the good wishes though!
  7. I read the entire 3-page long post that was on opendayz.net . Still hasn't fixed the problem. I've played on servers that have had it disabled and had 50+ players at all times of day. Easy mode or not people clearly enjoy the feature. I know how drinking/eating works. Am I not allowed to host a server how I want? I like how this has turned from "Help with Servers" thread to "Bash someone because I don't know how to help him or agree with him" thread.
  8. I have already read through it. Multiple times. Hence how I got all the CAS weapons and Pawnee weapons working just fine. The only problem is the smoke on the Ifrit. Thanks for being worthless.
  9. I did add the smoke launcher to the required files and I'm still getting kicked. All it says in RPT is "playerDisconnected:Playername" and in the log it says Script Restriction #9.
  10. In a game where you have to spend half an hour running, multiple times daily, Fatigue is annoying. This is not just my preference but the preference of a dozen people that I'm playing with. And I know it's possible having played on a few other servers that did it. And I did add the smoke launcher to the required files and I'm still getting kicked. All it says in RPT is "playerDisconnected:Playername" and in the log it says Script Restriction #9.
  11. imranh101

    @MAS weapons Lootspawner script (More weapons!)

    I'm and idiot and was missing a } in a different file... TRying again
  12. UPDATE : Alrightguys, I have ironed out all but two issues. One : Still cannot disable fatigue for the life of me. Have tried 3-4 different fixes and all cause script restrictions > kick on server join. Two : The Smoke launcher on the Ifrit causes weapon restriction kick. I have tried adding "SmokeLauncherMag" and "SmokeLauncherAmmo" to the allowed weapons and it's still causing the same problem. At this point I'd even be willing to just disable the smoke launcher completely and just keep the Ifrit with the HMG. Smoke Launcher not needed.
  13. imranh101

    #SEM - Simple Epoch Missions v0.8.1 + 0.8.3 test

    So I'm having crashes from weapons that are in SEM not being allowed, so BEC is kicking me out, possibly related to MAS Weapons 1.5. I am using the newest version with the newest filters from your Github.