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  1. Sorted the bugger for some reason when i switched over servers and used premade Epoch Hive server booted up which is weird as the test server i had problems on had the Epoch Hive set up aswell Thank you for your guidance
  2. Yah im having trouble setting the database up, my server provider already has one set up for me that has Epoch and overpoch so im trying to add on to that but i dont know how to include the table Dayz_origins also ive been reading that i need the Dayz_origins.sql i dont know where im supposed to find this..yes i am but a peasent :(
  3. Ok i solved the two issues i had *i was using a bad version of Server files Im able to start server i go in and i see this in the rpt 1:00:20 Warning: z\addons\dayz_communityassets\models\compass.p3d:0 Error while trying to generate ST for points: 863, 853, 852 1:00:22 "HIVE: Starting" 1:00:22 "HIVE: trying to get objects" it sits there :(
  4. if i have this in my commandline @DayzOrigins1795;@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server; im gettting the error ======================================================================= C:\TCAFiles\Users\ShayR\4670\arma2oaserver.exe== "C:\TCAFiles\Users\ShayR\4670\arma2oaserver.exe" -ip= -port=2672 -server -nosplash -cpuCount=2 -noPause -noSound -config=server.cfg -cfg=basic.cfg -profiles=Profile -world="empty" [email protected];@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server; =====================================================================Exe timestamp: 2014/10/11 11:24:00Current time: 2015/05/21 10:30:52 Version 1.63.125548ErrorMessage: Data file too short 'C:\TCAFiles\Users\ShayR\4670\@DayzOrigins1795\addons\origins_pack.pbo'. Expected 1278910463 B, got 1231483940 B if i have "[email protected];@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server;" i get 10:33:15 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.tavi, origins_pack_items, ori_titanic, vil_ori_autogyro, ori_flying_fortress, ori_pragacopter, ori_dc3, ori_vil_pack, ori_scraptank, ori_smallraft, ori_bigraft, ori_submarine, origins_pack_cars, ori_scrapbuggy, osshdy10:33:15 Missing addons detected:10:33:15 tavi10:33:15 origins_pack_items10:33:15 ori_titanic10:33:15 vil_ori_autogyro10:33:15 ori_flying_fortress10:33:15 ori_pragacopter10:33:15 ori_dc310:33:15 ori_vil_pack10:33:15 ori_scraptank10:33:15 ori_smallraft10:33:15 ori_bigraft10:33:15 ori_submarine10:33:15 origins_pack_cars10:33:15 ori_scrapbuggy10:33:15 osshdy and my im waiting for host im testing on a clean install with all the files copied over and overwritten..ive vertifed files thru launcher :(
  5. i also get the same message missing addons,even tho i have the correct mods in the command line,same server files as cilent side and i have the same spelling of all (@DayzOrigins1795) im now getting this ErrorMessage: Data file too short 'C:\TCAFiles\Users\GFFF\4670\@DayzOrigins1795\addons\origins_pack.pbo'. Expected 1278910463 B, got 1231483940 B
  6. sorry read that at a very late time try this in your init DZE_GodModeBase = true; just under the map positions and well above dayz_maxAnimals = 5; // Default: 8 dayz_tameDogs = true; DynamicVehicleDamageLow = 0; // Default: 0 DynamicVehicleDamageHigh = 100; // Default: 100
  7. nozza i changed the decay rate to 0 by going into my Hiveext.ini and changing this CleanupPlacedAfterDays = -1.. so if u change the option then build something on the map it will never decay :)..stuff build before u changed the option will still decay as it was placed before u changed the option
  8. hey man i think my server is having the same prob..cant offer a fix tho even turning off BE does jack :(
  9. ----------update-------- Looks like a good sign : 10:33:07 [VEMF]: Running Dynamic Town Invasion Mission. hey man could you possibly PM me your BE filters? ive got earplugs,atms and VEFM scripts but BE is caning me :(
  10. Hey fellas im looking at starting up an ARMA 3 server i have a Overpoch server on Arma 2 but am looking at moving over can someone give me some hints at good mods? i would like to make an Atlis life but with overpoch weapons and vechs (My gaming pc is currently broken so i am unable to boot up to see)
  11. I want to have these in a high end trader so one can buy these to use as base defence or even spawn build the static weapon from scratch? not sure how to get this into the game unless using infistar spawn tools
  12. hey are u using the default spawned hemp of the spawned in hemp from the weedfarm.sqf?
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