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  1. It is just an vanilla overpoch server with admin tools and p4l so it runs on the p4l files. and it appears that the lock and pack have been gone now to. there are no errors int the rpt.
  2. No i get nothing i have to open it with the admin tools there i can still access the gear/pack/lock but i do not get any option on the locked safe
  3. Hi, I would like to get plot 4 life working on these server files. i already have tried to use diffmerge but it crashes my server Did anyone managed to get plot 4 life working?
  4. Hi My players cant remove objects they build and when they add a player to the plot pole that person is still unable to build as far as i can see i installed it correctly. i am using the non plot 4 life version
  5. Hi, when i want to heal player the function does not work it can only heal myself.
  6. Hi, Ai city works fine but i got some static ai's all over the world is there a way to delete them.
  7. Well it is just the basic one from Battleye.
  8. i restarted the computer and it fixed the problem but the commands still dont work.
  9. Hi, I have installed Bec on a private server and i can see that it runs, so when i connect to the server i can see that i am the super admin. but my scheduler.xml and commands.xml are not loading This is my Config.cfg
  10. Hi I have installed vehicle pointer onto my server, when i right click on a key i get the option Vehicle Pointer but when i click on it nothing happens. Any idea?
  11. Hi i installed singe currency onto a vanilla server but i cant get my safes to store the coins after reset. is there a fix yet?
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