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  1. Deemer

    No Admin menu

    sweet dude.. I'm at work but I'm rdp'd into my machine. I can join your TS and I can have you join a teamview session if thats cool..
  2. I'm running SEM. I think anyway....
  3. Deemer

    No Admin menu

    I can log into admin in game, but I have no menu item when I hit F1. I also tried adding my {"steam64 id", "name"} to epochah.hpp and it just freezes up the server and doesn't allow anyone to join..... Any help??
  4. I got it to work. Evidentally the file does not like to be edited via wordpad. Its up.. I cant, however get any addon's to work, I.E. SEM. Or the status bar thing. Is there a reference to any tutorials on how to add these things? I followed the readme for SEM, but I don't even know how to verify if it even works..
  5. No, it was epoch.Altis.pbo.
  6. I typed it, but its word for word correct. Ive already redownloaded the server files and replaced it. Still the same error...
  7. Rebooted my server and now whenever the first person connects, it kills the server with the message: Data file too short 'mpmissions\epoch.Atlis.pbo. Expected -2064155851 B, got 25379 B Nothing has changed... any ideas???
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