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  1. The only way to display an image is to either put it in a PBO or put it in the mission file, you can't just 'stream' it from the server
  2. BenR

    Adding bikes

    If you don't put the Emod pbos in the required add ons in the mission file then yes people can join without the vehicles but might have some in game errors, just like any other mod.
  3. BenR

    Adding bikes

    Yeah Emod 0.3.1 has the pedal bikes and a few planes also, worth checking out and is already on A3Launcher so getting people to join with the mod isn't hard.
  4. Well, some antihacks yes, however others (ie infiSTAR) have the functionality to allow custom event handlers...
  5. Woah woah woah. Dude tries to help out by pointing out a potentially more optimized way of doing something and that's your response? What's the point in posting on community forums if you're going to respond like that to a reasonable post. I think Grim was pointing out that it really isn't the best idea to add hundreds or potentially thousands of event handlers on someone which will error out as multiple things are trying to delete the same object, addEventHandler will just stack the EHs on top of each other I'm pretty sure so eventually, unless they are removed again, they will continue to be added. All Grim is saying, is that maybe consider using his system which removes the EH after and ensures multiple EHs are not added as they are not needed. BenR
  6. What do people use headless clients for mainly? If its just for AI then there really isn't the need for an additional client to connect.
  7. From what I've seen the missions are pretty deeply embedded within the mod without the functionality to allow changes, there are mods like Emod that can allow you to change things like that but it would still require a fair amount of modifying.
  8. It's called code optimization, the better and more optimized the code is that runs on the server, the better the server performance. Quite a few things influence the server performance but in stock epoch there seems to be a lot going on leading to not the best server performance when under load
  9. I'm going to assume thats from M3Editor, where you do createVehicle whatever, check if its a car or heli etc then call the setVtoken function
  10. Maybe, a single spawn that loops through an array of objects that need to be monitored. Arma doesn't deal with threading too well so creating potentially hundreds of new threads is really not what you want to be doing, a single thread would be much better.
  11. BenR

    The AddAction issue

    Creating vehicles will have to be done on the server as _vehicle call EPOCH_server_setVToken; _vehicle call EPOCH_server_vehicleInit; will have to be called, that's why the vehicles disappear after creation. That should solve the issue of creating vehicles.
  12. What I don't understand is why people obsess about other communities, as Maca said above, if someone does something you don't like, talk to them about it, no point in posting here about any of it.
  13. Meeting was good actually, nice chatting with everyone :)
  14. You could do it group based instead of a hard coded array of UIDs, then anyone can setup one of these systems
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