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  1. mazix

    Help UAV delete

    up, help pls
  2. mazix

    Help UAV delete

    Hi all, how del this UAV? it's really down fps for players.
  3. mazix

    [AllinOne] MAS Weapons, Vehicles

    Hi, thanks for u tutorial. I have a question: //// Loot.h { { "acc_mas_pointer_IR2c_top", "item" }, 20 } Its 20 in all map this item?
  4. hi, how add this script in filter battleye? 13:51:53 BattlEye Server: Script Log: #0 mazix (222ac690b634c25bc757abdd9d0e2c7f) - #22 "#line 1 "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\init.sqf" 13:51:53 execVM "zcp.sqf" ;"
  5. mazix

    Admin menu edit

    Hi, where i can edit spawn menu and others functions this menu? I want add new vehicle and weapon in this admin menu.
  6. mazix

    [Release] ZHB - Zupa's Hud & Builder. V1.2

    hi, what is key enable build hud? I click 9 and 8 - this not work.
  7. Trader of "Mogilevka", stand in a closed house and add normal sound fire, this add more bugs on sound. P.S Please transfer house of DayZ SA or add new housing and citys. Very small citys from online 60-70.... (Sorry for my bad english)