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  1. i was playing epoch the other day and it worked fine but today i download epoch and now any server i try to join says i do not have the keys to play on the server, i have tried a few servers to be safe and checked the mod folder, no keys under the keys section... thought maybe just that link is broke but i cannot download from any other than the direct torrent link. any help would be great, thanks.
  2. OH-MY-GOD... Iv dowloaded it at least 20 times and the game 3 and all i had to do was click i first xD wow. Well thanks man :D
  3. Any Arma 3 server Lastest update for Arma 3 and tried both Epoch 0.2.5 and Just tried to interact with traders, no scroll wheel options Have not been able get it to works once logged in a server couldn't talk to any traders tried a few tried both with items and fresh spawn, having this problem with all servers tired to use a different key to interact still nothing Just got epoch 5 days ago so i.m very new however i have tried to re-download the mod and the game many times. Any help would be very appreciated.
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