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  1. Have a section on the forums for posting groups?
  2. Are you hermits? PvP? PvE?
  3. Yeah, my group had the same idea, it would make leaving a broken car behind less painful.
  4. I walked to the airfield and got shot down. I made it so far :D
  5. They are adding it in the future.
  6. There is the rugar, the pistol.
  7. Yeah normally after restart helis will spawn.
  8. Remember, constructive crisitism.
  9. "Go left, no, your other left" *BOOM* I can see that going well haha
  10. Did you try using a different mission file? Or are you joining on someone elses server?
  11. That actually doesn't sound like a dumb idea, you should start one in general discussion.
  12. The launcher still downloads it, it just can't install it.
  13. You can post it in general discussion I think.
  14. Just run one on your server, they take up like 1% cpu.
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