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  1. I wouldn't have posted here if that was the case. I had already deleted that and tried the server to the same behavior before posting.
  2. Same thing for me, all black screen however the interface loads and have sound. I can even bring up the infistar admin menu. And I believe I can hear myself walking around if a try. Just an all black screen behind the UI.
  3. Ok so I have modified base building settings so I am still managing everything in my description.ext as discussed above. However my users are reporting that they are getting the frequency blocked message when building near military, is there an issue with the latest version ignoring the description.ext for buildingNearbyMilitary? here are my settings: class CfgEpochClient { epochVersion = ""; sapperRngChance = 100; // increase number to reduce chances and reduce to increase. Default 100 = 1% - 55% if soiled (+ 2% if in city) chance to spawn sapper droneRngChance = 100; // increase number to reduce chances and reduce to increase. Default 100 = // 2% chance (+ 4% chance if in city) (1% - 2% Half if using silencer) to spawn drone if shot fired buildingNearbyMilitary = 1; //1 to allow building nearby buildingNearbyMilitaryRange = 300; //Define radius of blocked area buildingRequireJammer = 0; // 1 = to allow building without a jammer buildingCountLimit = 500; // how many objects can be built within range of a jammer buildingJammerRange = 100; // jammer range in meters
  4. Since the last ArmA update I am having problems again with people buying vehicles and being unable to lock them. Has anyone else had that issue, and has that already been addressed with the current version up on GitHub?
  5. No, you just need to put the info back into the description file like it used to be. Whatever you don't want as default.
  6. I always do, that doesn't change the fact that doorways are in the center of the wall and the top floor base of the staircase is on the side.... leaving you looking at a hole in the wall you can't actually step to. It means stairways always have to be increased to 2x1 at exits, and that's waste of building slots when they are greatly toned down with A3E.
  7. I actually like the idea of the new method, if I can get it working. However I would prefer it to be a server sided pbo still in @epochhive.
  8. That's the issue I am having. My only guess is the method i am using to extract / compress it is messing up, however it works perfectly for every other thing I have packed, even things I digitally signed myself.
  9. What are you repacking with? I have a $PBOPREFIX.TXT$ file with this in it: ///////<HEADER>/////// prefix=x\addons\a3_epoch_config Pbo Type is: Arma Addon Sha: '39FEF2D4E01D4BF8B99C2D42534C6D6B0703682B' //////</HEADER>////// And I have never had to set anything when I pack as long as the files were set right.
  10. What do you mean prefix? Let me know what you did if you don't mind please, because I have a server with a bunch of broken bases atm... in military zones.
  11. That would be something custom you would have to write, it's part of the game mechanic that all vehicles can be destroyed.
  12. No, that won't work. I already tried it even though I am pretty sure editting the client isn't right. It just hung up the server on restart since the bisign file was no longer valid.
  13. Wait, I just caught there. We edit the client on the server? That file is bisigned... everyone else wouldn't have my client settings? I guess I have never seen anything like this before. So I extract the file on my server in the client folder, edit it and put it back up?
  14. And even if I look at Experimental, there are only 3 PBO's in the addons folder: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/tree/experimental/Server_Install_Pack/%40epochhive/addons
  15. That's what I am saying, I don't have one. When I look on GITHUB I don't see one there either. Example: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/tree/master/Server_Install_Pack/%40epochhive/addons There is only 3 files, the new server core and the original 2 pbos, server and settings. What am I missing?
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