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  1. If they fix it to where a base can only be hit when one or more owner members are actually playing or introduce persistent defenses, I'm all for reducing the base "armor"....however most base raids are made when the owners are offline and that's just no fun.
  2. https://youtu.be/u2UFdFeFgQ8
  3. The KIR 12.7 is horrible as far as accuracy and the scopes don't zero properly on it. This is a very short range weapon that hits like a sledge hammer if you hit the target. Max zeroing range is 600m if that tells you anything, better off using iron sights I'm disappointed with the accuracy. Take it in the virtual arsenal and see where you hit vs where you are aiming even at 20m it's horrible.
  4. Yeah, but still impressive Here is the description of the RL Lapua Mag weapon system: The .338 Lapua Magnum (Lapua for short) has now been around for a while in the sniper community, but it does have the distinction of being the first cartridge designed specifically for sniping. The 338 Lapua was developed back in 1983 but it wasn’t until the later 1990’s that it gained in popularity and started to become more widely used. The cartridge was designed to arrive at 1000 meters with enough energy to penetrate 5 layers of military body armor and still make the kill. The effective range of this cartridge is over 1 mile (1609 meters) in the right shooting conditions as has been demonstrated in recent conflicts with confirmed kills in excess of 2000 meters. Realistically, 1500 meters is within the range of a trained sniper. This cartridge is based off of the .416 Rigby Case, necked down to .338 caliber, and is designed primarily as a military extreme range anti-personnel round and there really is no Law Enforcement applications, unless you need a super penetrating round for either armored vehicles or barricaded suspects. There are not a lot of rifles chambered for the .338 Lapua but the list continues to grow. The availability of match ammo has also grown to where there are a handful of manufacturers making good match grade ammo. The recoil of these heavier extreme range cartridges, such as the 338 Lapua, can be high so a good muzzle brake is required.
  5. Heh, yeah that and the MAR-10, dead on at 2000m
  6. Ok, so I was excited about trying out the KIR, lmao it has some punch *IF* you hit what you are shooting at. It is definitely a short range sledge hammer and the scopes don't zero correctly on it. Windage variations can be 2 mils or more. Now the Cyrus is really really nice.
  7. I can get 4 x 4 out of some wrecks, but not all of them...seems to be random. Some wrecks give nothing, even hitting them in several locations.
  8. Well we gave the Epoch devs an abundance of information / evidence and nothing changed...a simple change in the Epoch anti hack that would have taken less than a minute to do, but nothing was done. No matter though...I don't have enough time to look at the scenery anymore dealing with drones and sappers around me like flies.
  9. ^^^ My guess is that there are so many who want this mod and that mod to supplement Epoch at this stage of development. The problem is the typical Arma 3 player does not want to deal with the hassle of keeping up with mods and therefore the servers are very low pop, and those typical players don't join low pop servers if there are ones with higher pops
  10. I'm in the put new spawn with a chute in a chopper flying randomly across the map, player decides when to jump camp.
  11. I wasn't taking about him specifically, but all admins...unfortunately you have to weigh changes made carefully and what effect it would have in several ways, that's kind of my point when I mention that it's like pulling teeth and that the defaults need to be adjusted by the devs. As an senior systems engineer IRL, I am very very careful about making changes no matter how trivial...granted it's mission critical systems, but the same can hold true for a game server so I don't blame them. When setting defaults, you want a middle ground to start with...it seems with the latest version, the devs chose extremes...extreme AI settings/systems and lack of exciting loot as opposed to the previous version.
  12. True, but getting an admin to modify stuff, especially if they have to break open a pbo can be like pulling teeth :) Some think that the devs will fix it and just wait.
  13. Seems like the loot in 301 is very unexciting , I have yet to find a SOS and it took us until tonight to find a single DMS. Rifles are mostly of the 6.5mm variety (blah), mostly what we find is 9mm mags, smoke grenades and other bottom tier stuff. Oh and .22s....good lord I ain't never seen so many. We wind up leaving 90% of what we find. I get that nicer stuff should be a bit more rare, but we've done A LOT of looting. Clothes seem to be easier to find at least and food/water is a dime a dozen, but part of what I liked about Epoch was you could play the role you wanted, CQB, support, sniper etc and it didn't take days to find what you wanted. Starting to feel more like Breaking Point on the loot side of things
  14. It's possible the plunger will be needed, my character has been alive for days and hasn't pooped yet. Damn bio meat.
  15. No it is not good for the game. Camping? This ain't counterstrike. The thing about Arma is that it provides an environment to play the role you like. It's a big boy game. One has to use tactics to counter those who choose to play the role of a DM, sniper, etc. I've heard enough crying from people who can't take getting shot from over a km out, even calling "hax", then cry to the devs to reduce "sniper" rifles because they got killed in one shot. They cry cause they got shot running down the middle of the street from a building, claim the guy was camping, maybe if it happens to them enough they'll learn some tactics and not do stupid crap. I've been killed many a time over watching a town when my buddies where looting it because I lost SA. I changed my tactics to help prevent it from happening again. Most people learn from mistakes, others qq and never do. Now some will say well Osiris change your tactics on dealing with the increased AI, well if the AI was not tied to a particular player I would agree but when a drone or sapper spawns in, it doesn't matter if it has line of sight to you...it always knows where you are, you have to deal with it, no evasion. Now couple that with the shear number that are spawning, I lost count of how many I've killed in a one hour session....I can't even keep enough ammo.
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