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  1. hey salival, where download old version with extDB garage??>
  2. Tanita-Corp

    Maintain bug?

    y need set CleanupPlacedAfterDays = -1 and use msql event only
  3. can tell example pls)
  4. Hello guys) Tell me please how to make spawned veh. unused 4 day deleted with key veh. unused 14 day deleted I broke my head
  5. profit: if (_charID == "0") exitWith { localize "STR_CL_VG_REQUIRE_KEY" call dayz_rollingMessages; }; mb any want
  6. yep if (vg_requireKey && {!_hasKey}) exitWith {localize "STR_CL_VG_REQUIRE_KEY" call dayz_rollingMessages;}; im no change code any idea?
  7. vg_requireKey = true; // Require the player to have the key when storing a locked vehicle. not work option
  8. y wrong create trigger in missioan.sqm show me mission.sqm
  9. hmmmm traider run at vehicle))) https://www.dropbox.com/s/nvfhq2yzaaatez5/ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead 2018.05.09 - any idea?
  10. this happen when id vehicle = 0 need RPT log
  11. cant find wf_barracks_west in files and DB
  12. im not found this object in files and db((( what this name object?
  13. im not idea. where so many errors plese help/// and and and
  14. v1062 endless zombie spawn on helicopter crashes. how to make a respawn? any idea?
  15. any idea why such lags? host or scripts?
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