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  1. I did put it there and I am having the same issue. Randomly when players receive money either from trading or picking up from corpses it bugs and dsiplays they have 0 coins, and the RPT spams the above error. I checked and triple checked that everything is placed correctly. Please check this if you have time. Thanks.
  2. Yeah I'm getting this RPT error as well. I think the code is necessary but there is an error in it. 8:17:56 Error position: <};> 8:17:56 Error Missing {
  3. Another followup for me. Completely reverted to my server and mission pbo to before installing P4L and I do not have the issue of icons locking up when I fire my gun. I'm seriously at a loss. My players want P4L but I'm gonna have to go without it for now until this issue is resolved. There must be something in the changes when I merge my existing files with the P4L files that bugs out the 'player_updateGui'. I've gone over the files with beyondcompare about 20 times now. I just cannot find what could be causing this.
  4. Just a follow up. I replaced the player_updateGui.sqf with the stock epoch file just to test it and it is still happening, which leads me to believe that it is not an error in code in that specific file. Which other files in the P4L files reference the player_updateGui.sqf which could be causing this issue?
  5. I am having this issue and this does not work for me. I tried redownloading the files from github and replacing my player_updategui.sqf, I also tried pulling it from the day_code and editing it as you described here. Still refuses to update correctly. I used notepad++ to search in files for all references to player_updategui and it is only referenced in the compiles and nowhere else. I am at a loss here. My players really want P4L and everything is working as it should be except the gui updates. Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm having this same problem. Is there any fix for this? I'm almost finished with my server and I cannot proceed until this is fixed... Thanks
  7. Pretty sure the file for DZMS is in the scripts folder and is called DZMSAISpawn.sqf :)
  8. Quick question MGM. If I want to add more bankers, to areas like hero and bandit camps etc. I just copy the code for the banker in (dayz_server\bankzones\banks.sqf) and change the worldpsace coords? And does the "_this setDir" control the direction the NPC is facing? Thanks in advance.
  9. Quick question for PeterBeer. Does the defines in this pack work with the defines in the Zupa Skins 3.0 here:
  10. No matter what I do I cannot get both Zupa's HUD and Ebay's Enhanced Spawn Selection to work together. It's either one or the other. Both Instructions tell you to place code at the very bottom of init.sqf. I tried every order imaginable and they just won't work together. Any help would be appreciated. Laz
  11. Just realized my stupidity. I don't think Standard Day Z Mod had briefcases at all, so I am assuming that it must be briefcases from a previous version of Epoch. My mistake.
  12. Just wanted to comment here because I had the same problem. If you are running an epoch/overpoch server and spawning Box-All with Infistar for testing and buying from traders it deletes the briefcases. I'm assuming this is because Epoch uses a different ID for the briefcases than standard Day Z Mod. When I spawned box-epoch and used those briefcases the traders would update them correctly. So I'm thinking you are using briefcases from the standard Day Z Mod and not the updated Epoch Mod. Hope this will help you and others who come across this. Sorry for Necro ;)
  13. Maybe this has already been posted and I apologize if it has, but I would like the parts to go back into my gear after you pack. I saw it mentioned that this was changed from other scripts but I can't seem to find that script. So does someone have a link to a script where the unpacked parts go back into gear instead on the ground, or is there a way to change that in this script?
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