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  1. Ok I am having an issue with the friends list after restarts. I can add myself and friends to a plot after placing it down. I can build just fine even after I die. The problem occurs when I restart my server. Upon logging in after restart I am no longer on my plot pulls friends list and I cannot readd myself. I can still manage the plot though. I am forced to remove the plot and place it back down to be able to add myself and others to the plot again. This happens after every restart. I have plot4life 2.35 installed if that helps at all.
  2. I am looking to have my server setup to run 1 night cycle a day for one restart. I have seen servers do this before, I searched but could not find a script/tutorial that shows how to set this up. Any help would be fantastic :)
  3. I had some compatibility with 2.5 and plot management/door management. I decided to revert back to 2.35 and put the files is the same location I did before. I put the custom folder in my mission pbo. I put the files from the server folder inside the custom folder. I made all the requested changes to the init.sqf and description.ext. Now when anyone tries to join my server they get stuck around the "waiting for server to start authentication". Any ideas what is causing this?
  4. Nope, I have never done any scripting before and everything I have learned has been from this website and youtube....so I'm a complete beginer. Having said that, I still don't understand the location for the contents of the system folder. Directions says: Create a custom folder in the server root directory (the one you have the @mod files in) and copy the contents of the Server folder in to it (you can merge them in to the dayz_server.pbo but need to change the references). I do not quite understand where this is asking me to do this.
  5. Ok, I have a custom folder there with the the plot 4 life folder and snap pro folder inside it. Where do I put the contents of the server folder that is downloaded with this script?
  6. I understand that and I usually use an ftp client to just modify my files. My question is where these folders should go on a vilayer server.
  7. Can I get some help on the exact locations for where I need to put each of these folders/files for a vilayer server. The vilayer server is setup a bit different when it comes to it's files and I think that might be causing my issue. Vilayer has a folder called vilayercodecustom, inside that I have a dayz_overpoch folder that contains all the files that vilayer compiles into my server PBO. and a mission folder that vilayer compiles into my mission pbo. With vilayer I am unable to download my actual pbo files (or I do not know how lol) and as such I may be placing these files in the wrong locations.
  8. While risking sounding very silly lol....during the installation I saw this line: _serverMonitor = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\server_monitor.sqf"; Replace with (you may need to change this depending on where you put the server files). _serverMonitor = [] execVM "custom\system\server_monitor.sqf"; Now seeing the file it is referencing is in the server pbo, is that line correct?
  9. Ok here is what is happening, I have tried a few times. I am installing plot 4 life on a fresh installed overpoch napf server with vilayer. After I follow the step the server boots up and players can get to the lobby. When trying to join the server their login times out and they are sent back to the lobby.
  10. Ok, I followed the directions and have this installed on my brand new server. The server starts up and people can get in the lobby without issue. After clicking join though they keep trying to connect until the server puts them back in the lobby due to timeout.....any ideas?....No errors in log either
  11. kruyle1222

    Bury Body Script

    I have seen servers with this script and I think it is awesome but after searching "Bury Body" and "Bury" I haven't found the script. Any help finding this script would be awesome as I would like to add it to my server :)
  12. I understand that now :) The reason I asked is the servers I had played on had changed it from Ikea to Hope Depot for whatever reason. But thank you for the links, they are now on my server and working great :D Seeing I posted this under the wrong forum can any further replies be sent to me in messages so this thread wont bet anymore bumps? Thanks again :)
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