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  1. i changed my post before u posted. simply to simplify my point. and like i said go be elitest elsewhere ty. ur posts are a waste of time and arent helpful in this topic if ur mad about it go cry somewhere else k. EDIT: you so mad i bet you will post again. prove me wrong. prove me wrong... EDIT EDIT: its mr 3 posts now. EDIT EDIT EDIT: says the twelvie.lelelelelelel. ok ill stop now ive had my fun laughing.
  2. Rc_Robio personally id say brackets is a better all round editor over notepad++( or atleast will be) mainly because i know over time it will just get heaps better because its open source with alot of people actually working on it. still some things i would like to see added to it which from the trello looks like its in the works, before i uninstall notepad++ as it still has some advantages like regex parsing a file easily to do quick edits.Brackets is completly designed in html , js , css. which makes it great to modify any aspect of it. or embed it in a 3rd party program if thats something u want to do. if you do any web stuff it has alot of great stuff built in to make life easy. it took me 2 days in spare time to get all that stuff done and im shit with javascript. so imagine how good it could get if some people who are great at javascript actually helped out. could have error detection , variable types to check assignments etc. and it would practically become an ide hopefully one day if me or someone else is bothered. xBowBii cool story bro. why did u even post. go be elitest somewhere else ty.
  3. hey guys thought id post here about my armaholic page that went up today. hopefully if the devs like it and use it, they will smash out code alot faster so we can all have some great fun :D. its basically a syntax highlighter + autocomplete + quick docs for the SQF language. i know alot of work gets done in c++ but hey thats what visual studio is for. and hopefully for the pbo side of things this will help :) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26952 also great work with epoch feels like you guys have a solid base to work from which is only promising for the future of the mod. and finnally excited for this combined with shoting from vehicles. life will be complete. any feedback or issues / suggestions to make it better greatly apreciated thanks.
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