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  1. I don't understand his instructions. They're not in order at all.
  2. Could I upload my PBO and someone install this for me? I have tried like 5 times and it won't work. I have to revert back to reinstalling the server. I am running Overpoch Cherno.
  3. I have had school and other things to work on, it is further along an working but still wanna add the mods addition etc.
  4. He means like DayZ Launcher, it installs it into the correct path. That is a simple download client that creates a webrequest.
  5. ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\DayZ_Epoch_13.Tavi\admintools\dialog.hpp, line 18: .RscTextT: Member already defined. what do i do here?
  6. already reset the whole server. not sure why I can't install single currency. It won't work.
  7. here http://pastebin.com/9eTjSLNr
  8. How do I fix it? It was part of installing single currency.
  9. Here is my RPT: http://pastebin.com/7bnvp8Kc Anyone know what is causing this?
  10. If you have tons of servers, like Garry's Mod, DayZ, CSGO then I could make extra tabs or something.
  11. I need help installing the single currency system. I do not understand his tutorial at all. Also, my traders are broken. Only a couple work and you have to look at some wonky as angle to use them. Sometimes the menu in mouse scroll stays until you do an action. Idk whats wrong.
  12. So I am coding a public version of all those launchers. Like CCG launcher etc. I am going to comment all of it and it will be my first release on here. It will be done probably this week. Features: Check for installed mods Will cancel joining if mods are not installed Completely commented code Sadly, it is coded in VB.Net - I didn't wanna take time to do anything else just for a server hopper. Screenshots: http://prntscr.com/4ria67 - Main http://prntscr.com/4riace - Server Hop http://prntscr.com/4riaiv - Paths (Adding mod detection) http://prntscr.com/4riav6 - Change Paths
  13. So c Can I just pack it but with like a value of \z\dayz_code\whatever so it redirects like that?
  14. It's up! Thank you so much! I didn't even think about this.
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