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  1. Antagonists issues : were still in alpha, i cannot stress this enough , i still remember the days of Day Z Where rabbits sounded like zombies, actually all animals did . nothing more paranoid about that bug , reguardless This is -Not- A zombie survival game. As for bugs , its in alpha, alpha , and alpha . there will be bugs , Audio bugs can and will happen , its a part of the alpha process of finding bugs , tracking down the bug , and fixing the bugs ( all of these take time ) Generally i belive most bugs once identified it may take a few patches to fix said issue, keep in mind all of the Epoch team does this for -free- ( only stating all of this because some ones gona act all self entitled of give me my game now ) . Thank you for Bringing the bug to the teams attention . AI Missions : im going to assume trader missions , yeah there basic. if your talking about AI Convoys n such they were just released, and they arent to my knowledge to be some massive battle , hit and run tactics to full out assaults , how ever you want to play. As previously stated, its in alpha. baby steps. Loot System : there actually is some items you will find more frequently in military area's vs town houses , while you may still find military grade loot in houses , its not as common as finding it in building classified as military. i've tested this myself. Locking System : Mod is in alpha , yes the key system was good , but who say's epoch wont have something like that eventually ( As were in alpha) Medical care : The mod takes place in the future , where medical tech like multi guns + Med attachments are a thing , could you imagine star trek having bandaids vs their super powered techie items? i mean if were talking triage , lets get some vodoo shamans and make blood sacrafices to heal our wounds ( maybe ) . Just my opinion and response , any of the team can actually step in as can any other members of the community, all of your points were valid and understandable but do understand , Epoch is in alpha. when were in beta, things of alpha will be so ancient in developmental terms , you'd think they had two rocks and some animal sacrifices for the bacon.
  2. Testing effects of explosives ( at mines ) the mines went off , killed the occupants of the hemitt (covered ) and 50 cal trucks but did not destroy the trucks ( while occupied and or ai is alive trucks are invincible ) Satchels also just .... flip the vehicles .....
  3. wat u jamr u hav kyrpto an meltiplz u hav manie plases
  4. how i do ? am un phamiru wif yar wards?
  5. how i shoot ammo ? does m4 not equip items , zoombay not fall down gun no shoot , how i shoot ?
  6. Adding the ability for jammers ( For administrators) to view Who it belongs to and to also show the jammer on the map ( like vehicles showing up) , Both idea's would assist in watching bases and ensuring "suspicious activity" can be watched a bit better ( glitching and what not ) along with breaking into a base legitimately but failing to have to resources to destroy the jammer ( then asking a admin to remove it because its glitched ) . and tactical bacon.
  7. That isnt a hole in a wall , that's a spot for a great garage door ! , also....... horde much?
  8. I actually would love to have rabbits and deer sound like things that dont exist in epoch ( like zombies ) /troll
  9. But why would you want to..... i mean who doesnt like spawning in with just a fanny pack , its a part of exploring the map and finding all the ammo in the world but no guns .
  10. Bitch less , its a work in progress . You apparently take this game to serious , you've made like more than one post bitching. Hello Kitty Island Adventure is accepting applicants , oh and free tampons .
  11. Apparently you forgot this is a Military Sim game. I hear hello kitty island adventure is taking new applicants.
  12. MrAshido


    Stop sucking . ive only been killed by my own stupidity when encountering a sapper. If you dont like them go play something else. i hear Hello Kitty Island adventure is accepting applicants .
  13. Installer is Out of Date. and is no longer supported.
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