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  1. CoreyRo

    Underwater Looting?

    Does anyone know how underwater looting worked? You can't access inventory underwater, I remember it being a scroll wheel "take" option. If the take option has been disabled from the mod to prevent certain exploits, is there a way to still make this mechanic work? Thanks.
  2. So this isn't at all epoch related except that its attached to Dan, but everyone needs to see this lol
  3. CoreyRo

    BANK System

    Krypto is like a bitcoin-ish currency from what I can tell, or kinda like digital credit among the vendors. I don't see a way you could physically "store" krypto in a lockbox or safe since its a digital credit. ATMs couldn't work either, the world ended, I don't think Wells Fargo's network is going to be active or secure. Just buy whiskey noodles and shit like that, keep them in a safe place, sell them when you need money.
  4. CoreyRo

    Walk 'n' Son's

    Yeah man, I used google goggles on my phone and scanned the bar code, it ended up grabbing the 8675309 and came up with Tommy Tutone results hahaha
  5. The little easter eggs you guys throw in are awesome
  6. Epoch Reppin
  7. "If imitation is the highest form of flattery, what is plagiarism?" lol, reminds me of Coming to America.
  8. Vehicles, weather, among other levels are way out of proportion to the other sounds. No way should the sound of a hatchback muffle the sound of a 12.7mm or .408 or even a .308 round,
  9. I've always used eset NOD32, its got a gamer-mode, and real easy to set up application whitelist, check it out if you're still having problems whitelisting programs.
  10. CoreyRo

    Debug Island

    Hahaha nice find
  11. I didn't read it correctly, you're right, oops. Thought you were upset about not being able to make money off the playerbase when I first looked at it. My bad dude.
  12. and again You are not allowed to sell/offer/give-away donor items period. If you are giving someone a "Free Item" because they donated, that same "Free Item" must be available to anyone who does not donate as well. Should take care of your "pay to win" scenario. Edit: My mistake, I misread the point of the thread. http://www.bistudio.com/english/community/game-content-usage-rules http://www.bistudio.com/english/community/licenses
  13. Were you on an official server? Because the people running these servers wouldn't have been messing with the playerbase. http://epochmod.com/supporters.php
  14. I am a little hesitant about a Harry Potter cloak. I agree with the extremely high energy consumption and extremely long cool down. In addition there should probably be a reserve required, hell, full energy 2500/2500, lasts 60 sec, drains all 2500, takes 1hr cool down. Or something around those lines. So that it's used for like booking it outta a hot situation rather than camping. Maybe like someone else suggested, it spawns in predetermined areas only, maybe guarded by a bunch of AI. Or if there are ever AI based missions implemented it could be obtainable from specific missions. Shouldn't be for sale, if you sell it to a trader it gets removed from the traders inventory. Maybe putting it on removes your backpack and chest gear, maybe it takes up the chest slot even when inert, puts off a low hum or something, refracts the light like predator so it's not completely invisible, Just a few thoughts.
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