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  1. So honestly, I'm not impressed with the recently added particle effects. Being in an area where it spawns is annoying as I constantly have the effect nearby but not in the distance. Running through the woods and seeing it is annoying. For some reason all I can think of are farts. Please make this a client side or server side option. I'd rather just disable them entirely.
  2. What if you were killed by another player within x meters (say, 1km) you did not spawn at base? When you did spawn at base, you spawned with zero items. I'm trying to figure out what the exploitive angles of this are, exactly.
  3. I really disagree with this statement. We're playing a mod of a mod. By that logic, if you don't like Vanilla DayZ maybe you should play a different game? We make this game into what we want, as a community.
  4. That isn't entirely true. Hatter has linked me some of the hiveext errors from epoch 2. (They may however be unrelated. )
  5. It looks like the next patch may increase the attempt time duration. That will help. There are other fishing changes coming too.
  6. This is not true in vanilla epoch. It shows the gear menu but if you access it it says it is locked. If you leave the scroll wheel up, it will disappear. If there is a single item in the vehicle you *may* be able to grab it. The problem is likely with a third party script/mod.
  7. I don't really think it would change it that much for ~50 players unless the box is hurting for resources. It probably wouldn't hurt assuming the two systems are in the same stack. If they're running off the same disk(s) (as VMs, perhaps) there would be no real benefit.
  8. Sounds like a safezone problem. You shouldn't be buying a vehicle with a hostile nearby anyway, that's just asking for it. Kill the enemy before you make a purchase.
  9. I spent some time tonight trying, it is just tedious and I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I'll spend some more time tomorrow night testing. The loss appears to be isolated to items(_magazine). Since the save mechanism is the same for each type, maybe it is a bad item causing a syntax error(not escaped?) I don't know.. pulling at straws, but several people people have spoken up with identical issues. It's just frustrating because the items obviously represent a lot of time spent, losing 200 cinderblock/mortar/breifcases etc in one bug is a significant loss.
  10. Certainly seeing item loss issues in safes. Seems to be mostly isolated to _magazines item types.
  11. I have now run into this myself tonight. Only items were deleted. I will be looking into it in more detail. Of course it was the safe containing ALL my cinderblocks and mortar I've been saving to build. The only 'irreplacable' item set :( Could it possibly be related to the new items created? Maybe something with the large caliber ammo boxes or changed supply crates? Maybe related to multiple people locking/unlocking safes on the server at the same time? I will try to get some mySQL debug going to see if I can replicate it in any way.
  12. If you're concerned about custom pricing changes overlapping with SQL updates, you could always diff the files to see what changed and where overlap might be.
  13. This would actually make ore useful. Currently, my crew just drives past veins as they are not worth the time or effort.
  14. I've noticed as of, you are unable to respawn when you're a fresh spawn with broken legs. Being isolated out in the middle of nowhere with broken legs can potentially mean 30+ minutes of crawling to find a zombie. Edit: Nevermind, may be server specific issue. Confirmed stock epoch does not appear to suffer this issue.
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