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  1. I would be very curious if anyone has had this issue and found a way to solve it because it is very serious and ruins the game when players start to abuse it. It is very difficult to catch and once briefcases are involved becomes very detrimental to the server. I also find that players have been duping by placing their backpack full of items on the ground and logging out and back in again quickly. I tried adding the force save option in the init file hoping that would somehow help save more but no success. Any ideas?
  2. Mattman

    Vehicle Keys

    That also deletes every built item in game... no thanks. I have mine set to a negative number so that it does not delete objects. I'm assuming there is no correlation between vehicle ID's and the purchaser then.
  3. The base building 1.2 works with all versions of Epoch. You just have to swap the 1.2 code out of the old Epoch files and place them into the new ones (ie. swap out the fnselfactions.sqf, etc.) I started with Kikyou2's base building he had installed and uploaded for others to use and continue to swap all the files over each Epoch update.
  4. Mattman

    Air Vehicles

    I was just trying to add some new vehicles to the server and had a few questions. I saw that Epoch had A10's, SU34's and such in the Trader items, I did some test spawning and they come with full weapons and radar. Is there an edited version of these vehicles that I just need to change the code out for? I am also curious about the amphibious Cessna in the VIL pack. I noticed it is not set to spawn, when I did spawn it I noticed it has radar as well. Any way to shut this off or is there a version that does not have radar? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks
  5. Is this not Client side? I would think there is more involved then just commenting it out on the server end. Some sort of execVM stuff pulling it server side maybe? I would love to be able to change the humanity as well. I have too many bandits running around with over 10k humanity because they gain humanity faster than they can kill people
  6. Mattman

    Vehicle Keys

    It would still be nice to understand if there is a method to understanding this all. I have vehicles scattered all across my maps with 4 digit Id's. I don't know who's they are or if the player even plays on my servers any more. How do I do clean up with purchased vehicles? Anyone have any ideas? I would hate to run that key gen id and have to search the DB for individual keys.
  7. Nice! Looks great. I'll give it a try when I get home. Thank you VERY much!
  8. I already have a custom version of that with my own new building materials and items. That part is easy. I just need to know how to merge the two pieces of code so both remove scripts work together instead of overwriting each other.
  9. So I have been messing around with the two files that conflict each other and would like to know if some one has this working? Here are the two files: //Allow player to delete objects _player_deleteBuild = false; if(_isAlive) then { if(_isDestructable or _isWreck or _isRemovable) then { if(_hasToolbox and "ItemCrowbar" in _itemsPlayer) then { _player_deleteBuild = true; }; }; }; if(_player_deleteBuild) then { if (s_player_deleteBuild < 0) then { s_player_deleteBuild = player addAction [format[localize "str_actions_delete",_text], "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\remove.sqf",_cursorTarget, 1, true, true, "", ""]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_deleteBuild; s_player_deleteBuild = -1; }; and... //Remove Object Custom removal test if((typeOf(cursortarget) in allremovables) && _hasToolbox && _canDo && !remProc && !procBuild && !removeObject) then { if (s_player_deleteBuild < 0) then { s_player_deleteBuild = player addAction [format[localize "str_actions_delete",_text], "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\player_remove.sqf",cursorTarget, 1, true, true, "", ""]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_deleteBuild; s_player_deleteBuild = -1; }; Each one alone works but not together. Does anyone know how to correctly make both work or merging them? I would like to be able to remove wrecks and plot poles as well as the basebuilding 1.2 objects.
  10. I appreciate all the feedback! I agree with Bungle, paid hacks are a little sketchy. Hackers writing the anti hacks means they know what they are doing but they give their hacks out for free to increase the need for the anti hacks they sell. Sounds a lot like radar detector companies selling law enforcement radar guns. I can understand why some servers may want the "Best" protection available. If you are doing this for a business or something, but those of us that do this for free just for the enjoyment are upside down. Sorry, I don't mean to sound like I'm whining. Thanks again for everyones input.
  11. Just curious how everyone is dealing with the hackers other than whitelisting or password protecting your servers? I've started running a modified version of PyBEscanner which has helped me spend more time playing and less time searching logs, but Battleye bypass hacks aren't seen. #1 - what do you use for server protection? #2 - Is there any way a program can actually catch teleporters? (that works) #3 - Are there any programs or scripts that can ban based off a blacklist of items? (not createvehicle, but actual inventory items) Thanks for any help
  12. Change the qty in your database. It's under Trader Items I believe.
  13. I checked the files and saw where this was deleted with the new patch. Is it removed for a reason? or can I put it back in from an old patch?
  14. Mattman

    Vehicle keys

    Would this still find keys or the owner of keys if you have already cleaned dead bodies out of the database? This is my issue, I don't know the character I'd because it's been deleted. I hope I don't have to stop cleaning my database to get this to work
  15. Mattman

    database cords

    There is no identification for a flipped vehicle, if there was then you would be able to place upside down vehicles. This is also the reason that vehicles auto flip right side up after a restart, because that is the way they are intended to be and can't be set otherwise.
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