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  1. i cant get this to work either :/
  2. i currently have WAI installed to my server but would like sector b to have static ai on it with with may be reinforement helicopters to bring more troops, any one know how i add them to the server ive already used a script from the static/default.sqf and didnt work
  3. sosrry for the noob question but where do i add this text^ above i know it goes in the WAI file in server pbo but where abouts?
  4. Larkin993


    if found the files of the heli patrols and vehicle patrols aswell for the ai patrols but how do i add them into the game? any ideas? thanks in advance.
  5. Larkin993

    ear plugs

    anyone seen a ear plug script for arma2 seen a few servers use it?
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