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  1. Yep broke the other week legion was maxed players at 99 yet it showed like 3 players on this list .
  2. Arma its a issue with other mods as well . Another mod created a new ui to try and combat it
  3. really like these answers when someone asks for a step by step guide
  4. we at legion have a server hosted in europe and there is no daft rules you survive thats the aim of the mod survive and build trust who you want . admins wont abuse you or favour some players over others but here is the ip if you want to hop on
  5. I could spawn stuff until restart iv tried several temp fixes . But if I reinstall set the server up again works till reset . One of the answers I got make sure its all paths set right seems like it is set right tho till reset so that didn't really help much did it .
  6. I'm with gtx and I can spawn things in and that but soon as server restarts I get the same pv#0 kick . There seems to be a couple of temp fixes but it will prob just be wait for update.to files I tried most of the fixes on here as well
  7. zombiestev3


    still getting pv#0 kick with use admin after server restart is there a fix for this also all of a sudden my server started kicking for pv#20 as well
  8. just put it in owner thats the top one that you really need assign the others to your admin
  9. yeh server wont load in now iv done a full reinstall set the admin up now my server justr sits there when i try to connect . whats going on first it wasnt the way the servers was set up and the mod would update to get working admin tools now servers wont even load in
  10. gtx admin panel for me is not working at all it pops up and then kicks soon as i try to do anything with it
  11. so its a issue with gtx then and not the files ?
  12. Can I ask is it just gtx servers having this issue or other hosts aswell
  13. So is everyone who have g issues with gtx. Anyone who has it working with gtx or those who have it working with another company Edit duck has it sorted
  14. allways alot said about legion yet not one member has been banned from epoch yet we have submitted countless reports to official server admins of people using exploits and glitches . when there are a good 16 from legion on at once on the same server aswell dont get hurt also would add our ts is open come in and have a listen were a open group
  15. Want a group check out thelegion.tk Last night I counted 16 on a epoch server . All good guys hope to see you soon
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