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  1. Only problem with that is, other than AI patrols/missions, most server owners seem to have severely restricted or removed entirely the creatures from the game. So it just feels like Wasteland with more base building which really doesn't feel right.. I will happily admit to missing the zombies from A2.. Yes they were buggy and annoying at times but they were also a constant threat, especially if you got trapped in somewhere.. Can't help but feel Epoch is missing something like that, an enemy that is relatively simple to kill yet spawns in large quantities and is a constant problem for you.. AI and the very rare antagonist spawns just don't fill that gap currently..
  2. I had that earlier, it kicked me randomly from a server I was on.. Verified Arma 3 in Steam and it replaced 3 files and now all is fine..
  3. Just leave them both in, it doesn't hurt anyone and gives everyone more choice.. What does it matter if there are variations? I like the added options to be honest!
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    I will back you up on this, specifically ones that can be stacked inside of windows :)
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    I very much like the sound of this.. I don't think it would be abused if (if I am right in believing) the frequency jammer is becoming an essential part of the build now after the next patch.. I think the locking of houses could potentially get abused as people would lock off whole towns, but if it was tied to a jammer then that would limit that ability somewhat.. Realistically all I want is the option to craft/build a door that is roughly the size of the normal house doors. I guess I am one of those people who looks at a game like this and wants to do what you would probably do in a real life situation, barricade and fortify rather than build your own free standing structure.. But yeah, I hope something can be done as it would certainly be a lot of fun and would allow solo players/pairings to get a foot hold on a server with any luck!
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    Hi, I haven't posted here much although I have been reading the forums for some time. I will apologize if this has been mentioned or suggested in the past as well.. Me and my friend have played both DayZ Epoch and Arma 3 Epoch and the thing we are missing most is being able to take an existing house and board it up as a base. Eg, putting a wooden or cinder door on an existing building, adding some sandbags etc. I was wondering if this was going to be a possibility in the future, as while I enjoy base building, barricading is often a simple and efficient way to get up and running on a server. With the current building system it is basically impossible to do. You can build a small airlock on the front of a building but that isn't ideal. What I am hoping for is a way to build a small door to be placed in an existing doorway without the physics freaking out and sending the build item bouncing around or upending it. So any chance we can look forward to barricading up of existing buildings in the future and I can take over that amazing house I found in the mountains on Panthera :)
  7. Thank you very, very much :)
  8. I think I just got whitelisted (grabbed a key off a stream, it said I was successful).. Now what I am wondering is, how the hell do I download and install Epoch for Arma 3? I am sure I am being dumb and missing something somewhere but if anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be great!
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