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  1. so in the first part you show that you hax
  2. yor reporting them for that but your saying you have the update files for the new patch kind of calling the cettle black dont you think
  3. there helping you take a load off your back
  4. that what your supposed to use to get in to a base and no xyz that not a bug its in the loot tables and you can find them in alot of places and you can buy stuff from traders
  5. if you know the names of the players doing it report them and they will get banned for it or they should on mells house if you are cought you get banned for it
  6. they will cry but if they dont have the proof than they have nothing let them cry just have video saved if they try to do it and you get kicked or banned for what they think is that then you can show the server admin the video of them dieing and crying about it
  7. once you are allowed to host a server you cant modify the files you will have to sign something agreeing on that and the files for that wont be released till the mod is at .5 but if you have ? ask the devs for more info on that
  8. make sure the epoch folder is in the arma 3 folder and try this put this in the launch paramaters for arma 3 [email protected] -skipintro -nosplash -world=empty then lanch from the arma 3 launcher or just use the epoch launcher
  9. report them to the admin of the server it would help if you had video proof to if they are caught they will be banned the trade city's have a radius around them that is deemed a safe zone if they killed you inside then they will be banned for it
  10. you would have to sign to agree not to change anything that they have done all the answers you need are on the forms just read a little and you might find what your looking for
  11. i see the admins online all the time when i play so wtf are you talking about
  12. you have to manually insert the update in to your arma 3 folder go to were it downloaded and delete the old folder out of your arma 3 folder then place the new one in there and you should be fine
  13. most of the servers are updated heres the list http://epochmod.com/servers.php
  14. love it would ad so much more depth but you need some way to identify the person to make sure thats the person you are out for +1 for this
  15. was at a trader in drimia in a warehouse bought a hemmt truck the warehouse and truck blow up leved the warehouse and killed the trader but i and my teammate lived
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