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  1. This may have been answered already but when I set the gear for my crates at missions as so, It gives me back an error "Warning Message: Bad vehicle type..." for all items i put in the box. any ideas?? _crate = createVehicle ["USVehicleBox",[2908.57,6249.8,0.232063],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; [_crate,0,[2,crate_weapons_buildables],[4,crate_tools_buildable],[30,crate_items_buildables],[16,ai_wep_sniper],[8,crate_tools_sniper],[3,crate_items_high_value],[4,crate_backpacks_large],4] call dynamic_crate;
  2. How do I set up the Wicked AI static mission system to cleanup and respawn, say 1 hour, after a player enters the zone around the mission or a player completes it. As it sits, only 1 mission spawns at the static areas per restart but i'd like for these to be an ongoing thing that players can do at any time. Any help is appreciated
  3. ah ok when did the new version come out? i installed it about a month ago and when i did, Nox told me directly that it could only support 1
  4. Thanks Megaz thats kind of what i was looking for. in everything ive read and everyone ive spoken to, Wicked AI only supports 1 dynamic spawned mission, how do you have 3, are they static?
  5. ^^ I have DZAI running as well but I would like to know how to make either DZMS or WAI run another mission. methods for both dynamic map mission and static missions would be awesome :)
  6. I apologize in advance as im sure this has been answered before but i can't seem to find it. How can i make DZMS run more than 2 missions simultaneously? I have WAI installed as well but ive been told that it can only handle 1 mission at a time. I've seen servers with 4+ missions running at once and I'd just like to know how, as im running a Napf server and would like for there to be a bit more to do at any given time. On a side note, what is the most direct way for me to create static missions in say the castles and the Array? I'd like to make them difficult with a couple static guns and possibly even a reinforcement drop, and have boxes inside with loot. Any help is appreciated
  7. I know this has been asked before but every thread I've seen on it didn't have a real answer. How could I edit the size of a backpack, say an admin pack that can hold 90 slots? I've seen some reply that the file the backpacks is in CfgVehicle in the dayz_code, but its not there for me, i only have the CfgWorlds folder. If i could find the config file for the backpacks I don't see why i couldn't just upload it and put the new bag.cpp (or whatever it is) with calls into the mission file. I know it could substantially increase the size of my mission file and i'm not too thrilled about it but id still like to try. If anyone has any ideas on how to do this or if there's a flaw in my logic please let me know
  8. I recently attempted to edit my bandit trader on Napf to an Overpoch only trader on a new Overpoch trader I am running. I tried to follow Raymix's tutorial video on adding Overpoch traders http://youtu.be/pPJ8cUM0dGE but to no avail. I changed the server traders.sqf to the lists that i wanted to have and set it to neutral and created new tids for each of my new trader lists in the sql (ex. AKs, HKs, DMR variants, cars, LMGs etc..) , and used his method to input all of the weapons, mags, and vehicles into the database for the trader. I reused the server traders id from the old bandit vendor (151), I even created a new trader in the server_traders list of the database with id 151. with all of this done, i enter the game and at the old bandit trader I open up the trader menu, all of my lists appear ( AKs, HKs, DMR variants, cars, LMGs etc..), i can open all of them and my desired items are there, but when i try to buy any of them, It takes my gold, but does not give me the weapon. I try to sell and it gives me "you must have **weapon** in your hands". After this I tried to add some of the new Overwatch weapons to the existing hero trader list and they work beautifully. I cant seem to be able to make any new tids work... sorry if this is a bit rambley. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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