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  1. I used the launcher to update. It worked for me. Click the download button and then the install button after like a 30 min DL
  2. Hey guys, thanks for helping me. After doing a reinstall, I got it to work!
  3. I will try a reinstall.
  4. I did. I get the same results.
  5. After watching this video back, I see in the bottom right the expansion is "@epochhive" My expansion is under the file name "@epoch" Would this be the issue?
  6. Ignore the audio, was watching a twitch stream on my other monitor:
  7. I've recorded my problem to clarify my issue. If you think this is an issue I need to report elsewhere, please direct me. I'll edit this post with the youtube video (55 seconds long) when it's done processing.
  8. Yeah, I've definitely enabled it. It's happened several times. I'll try using the filter for the mission name.
  9. So, I've gone to multiplayer tab in Arma 3. I scroll down till I see the Dev Epoch servers. There's 2 of them with about 30/50 players on. I double click to connect and I'm instantly sent back to the servers screen. What can I do? Do I need to connect via IP?
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