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  1. trying to find a group of good active players so ifs thats what you guys are sure
  2. 1700+ hours imSoEnigma is steam user hmu to play
  3. Server/Map doesn't matter too much aslong as its populated Can play usually most times of the day I'm from US and 20 got 1600 hours so experienced player
  4. Anything up to 1,000 is usually easy but after that its mostly retarded half the time because you're most likely shooting at some weird elevation and the bullet drop makes no sense.
  5. Its about not being able to hear someone walk behind me and replacing those sounds with grasshoppers and shit not my FPS.
  6. bored and looking to start new on a chernarus server mainly looking for a group or acouple people to start one with I have around 1,450 hours on arma 3 and 400 for arma 2 so I'm a decently experienced player, I can play any time except from 4:00 AM USeast to 1:00 PM USeast usually.
  7. Its a great feature that allows a slight increase for FPS, the ability to hear footsteps and other sounds that you'd want to hear way more clearly rather than a bird or cricket constantly and I swear I don't crash as much with environment sounds off.
  8. you're playing by yourself so you can't expect things to go your way and 3k isn't much when you get your full stamina off respawn you can run close to that without having to rest.
  9. you shouldn't of been looting right next to a spawn you know this could happen and it did so you came here to complain about how you died.
  10. hit me up if you wanna play, http://steamcommunity.com/id/ImSoEnigma have close to 1,400 hours on arma 3 and 400 on arma 2
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