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  1. Hey. Ive been looking for this for a couple of days now, googling it, searching here etc. Cannot find the code. Im looking for a script that when you hit F10 ingame, it shows what scripts/addons are installed on the server. So i can keep my serverpicture clean from tekst and thus keep showing more of kate upton's nipples :D Anyone who can help me with his? Im sure a lot more people wanting this too.
  2. Where do i edit the spawn locations of the missions? Im running it on taviana but some missions seem to spawn in the sea giving me rpt errors. Anyone?
  3. With loot tables do you mean the CgfBuildingLoot.hpp? This is my ''MilitarySpecial'' How would i define it for overpoch? i cannot find the ''cfglootweapon" in the other .hpp files Yes, i saw earlier in the topic this fixed it for someone, so i tried it but its not solution for me really. Yes, im using the default ones from GTXgaming with should be ok. But i have also tryed the overpoch ones from MGT, wich give's me RPT errors, but i also tryed the ''clean default ones'' that are in that link but then i am still getting the same error i am posting about.
  4. After changing it to false, the heli crashes spawn loot, but however, only epoch loot spawns on the map, no more overpoch loot. Can someone help me?
  5. In the config.sqf of the WAI folder, when editing the Crate Item Buildables, some items are in brackets, like ["CinderBlocks,10"]. While "ItemCanvas" for example, isnt. Do the brackets mean that the item will always be in crate? And sort to say not dynamic like the one without?
  6. Thanks guys. See if that fxes it. :) Plaaiides, in the config.sqf you can change the contents of the missionscrate's. You can also, for example, change the skins of the hero AI to wearable skins, Like the checkered shirt, soldier clothing, camo clothing, officer suit etc :)
  7. Hi F3cuk Im getting this error message. 16:03:42 "CRASHSPAWNER: A-10 just exploded at [4540.32,14457.3,2.32785]!" 16:03:42 "_iClass isNil, exiting loot spawn!" 16:03:42 Error in expression <elect _index1; _itemType = _itemTypes select _index2; [_itemType select 0, _i> 16:03:42 Error position: <select _index2; [_itemType select 0, _i> 16:03:42 Error Zero divisor 16:03:42 File z\addons\dayz_server\modules\animated_crash_spawner.sqf, line 255 Can you help me out? I have these MilitarySpecial Hospital HeliCrash in my custom loot and have replaced crash_spawner.sqf with _animated_crash_spawner, edited it correctly in my EpochEvents. Im getting kinda stuck. Fixed! Changed to DZE_MissionLootTable = true; to =false Now loot spawns :)
  8. Is there anyone who has issues with humanity taking strange numbers? Like going from 2k to -4, to -20k after relogging?
  9. Well, if anyone wants to check out Skalisty City, come check out my server :)
  10. Thanks alot for this :) We did found that if player1 clicks ''TOW'' option, player 2 gets in car whos about to get towed. Then player 1, clicked ''TOW to this vehicle'', player 2 can still sit in the car and be glitched through a base wall.
  11. Installed this and very pleased with it. The military only spawns 3/4 zombies. How can i edit this?
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