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  1. Appreciate it! -- Yeah, I was pasting it within the rscTitles array and it needed to be outside of it :)
  2. Halv, I mentioned on a previous spawn menu post about "Resouce not found" that doesn't pertain to your script. I'm receiving same message on your spawn and loadout script. As soon as I scroll wheel on your handprint stand in clone room, I receive "Resouce Halv_spawn_dialog no found" -- Only time I ever seen this happen back on a Arma2 servers was due to some Visual C++ stuff not being installed on the servers. I have like 2005 all way up to 2013 -- Any thoughts on that? Its happening on the createdialog "Halv_spawn_dialog"; portion of the script when its trying to create the dialog
  3. My init.sqf is calling your script as shown below. // TakeGiveKyrpto (Service Point Action) [] execVM "custom\takeGiveKrypto\HALV_takegive_crypto_init.sqf"; All files are located in "custom/takeGiveKrypto" folder location. Added a few BE filters shown below to stop it from kicking. Scripts.txt Line 17(notepad++): !="_vehicle setVelocity [0,0,1];" Line 48(notepad++): !="_vehicle setDamage 0;" Publicvariable.txt Line 48(notepad++): !="HALV_takegive" No errors in regards to takeGive script within RPT. FML!!! I get all the way down the list then I find its the file path you have in your "HALV_takegive_crypto_init" because I added it into my own organized "takeGiveKrypto" folder ha -- i need to go back to Scripting 101, sorry man its been a rough day. I swear I got some rest now and have fresh coffee lmao
  4. Halv, I have your Halv_TakeGive script for krypto but it's not consuming during the repair? I know it calling your takeGive scripts because it kicked for publicvariable "!=HALV_takegive" at first. Any ideas? I'm following your guide exactly step by step
  5. Ah gotcha, k it works then just wrong building. Happen to have gas station building ID off top of your head? Also, might want to add some BE filters for the noobs out there that don't know. Coming from Arma2 to Arma3 script forums. I've noticed alot of guys releasing there scripts or ported versions are not doing so well on the step by step guides. Seems it's gotten worse since the migration from arma2 to arma3 lol
  6. Just pulled up to a gas station and scroll wheeled like old school arma2 and nothing happens. What am I missing? How come I can't seem to get these damn scripts to work as easy as I do in Arma2? It's the same freakin shit and it doesn't make sense lmao... I must be havin a bad day today... Spawn menu doesn't work now this script isn't work :(
  7. Can anyone help with why when I enter Clone Room it tried to activate Spawn menu but returns a message of "Resource spaz_spawn not found" ? I've got the descriptions.ext added correctly otherwise it would crash server stating it couldn't find .hpp I haven't tweaked anything major that should cause it to miss resources so not sure exactly whats going on... I'm not using infiSTAR nor have I made any changes to original Epoch Anti-Hack system. I've only added the BE filter exceptions to allow it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. - Update - Okay, so far, I've found out that Resource it's stating that is missing is the createDialog "spaz_spawn"; portion.
  8. Thanks, I'll look into Richie, can you give me some guidance on why I'm receiving "Resource spaz_spawn not found" in-game? I swear I'm not a complete noob just having massive brain farts this evening :/
  9. Good work anyone have Altis cords for North,East, South, West etc? How should I go about getting cords without having infiSTAR?
  10. Ah gotcha, make sense! Thanks Scaris
  11. Richie, I must be missing something. My RPT shows "Heli Crashes Loading" and "Heli Crashes Loaded" with no BE Filter kicks and I don't see any markers or announcements of the crash. Is there a timer of some kind? Maybe add a timer and markers option within the sqf?
  12. Bazlat, you still having issues? ------------ Wriggles, I use Spawn Selection as well. Shouldn't conflict at all
  13. Eldubya, Sorry, no progress on gear GUI as I don't have a lot of time anymore. Working 6 days a week and been busy working on my car when I get home.
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