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  1. Sorry I missed this post before I posted my response to the tool breaking. Currently on our server, we are only affected by the tool breaking because none of us are destroying each other's stuff. Its a non-PVP server. So instead it makes a bunch of work for us to go and get a tool. I just lost 2 crowbars and a toolbox in 10-15min trying to remove my plot pole, which was down to help a newcomer make his base start. I think a better solution can be created for the PVP servers to 'hinder' and 'deter' people from destroying someone's base than randomly destroying a tool. Also I have noticed that you can't deconstruct very many things other than hescos, sandbags, and the plot pole anyway. So I guess I don't understand all the frustration on a PVP server of people having their bases destroyed. The destruction is coming from them destroying the stuff, not deconstructing. We have no options for example, to remove a wooden shack, or shed, or any of the other structures other than hescos and sandbags.
  2. The title kind of says it all. I went to take down my plot pole I had down to help a new comer build his starting base, and my crowbar broke. I borrowed a crowbar, and it promptly broke. Borrowed another one, and then my toolbox broke. All within the matter of 10 minutes or so 3 tool-belt items broke on use. Ok, so I can understand some of the weakness of things like a stick fence, and I can tolerate that the corrugated fence can be also knocked over by a solid butterfly fart (which is terribly unrealistic as those posts would be sunk the ground, unless you're going 40-60mph in a non-fiberglass framed car, those posts won't really go anywhere, the metal sheeting will bend and torque and fly off, or tear. I've seen many a car wreck. Most cars crush themselves on impact which is by design.) But a crowbar breaking is silly. Why do I say this? Well my first real work some 25 years ago was construction. Guess what; I still have all of my tools and they all work great. I think I have 1 screwdriver that has a messed up tip because I used it for something else other than screws. I have destroyed many a building and giant factory-sized ovens (all made out of steel and aluminum) with these tools. They all still work just fine like champs. My framing hammer's nail claws (on the head, not the claw part) have all worn off, but other than that it's still a great hammer. Even the rubber padding on the handle is still there and not degraded. My point is I think the idea has kinda gotten out of hand with the whole degrading/destroying of things. I can understand an entrenching tool (even though most military items are tougher than their civilian counter-parts) coming apart at it's joint. I can understand; Running out of matches. Snapping a knife blade in half by using it to wedge wood or metal instead of cutting things. Or it being too dull to use and require sharpening. Having a hatchet head fall off of its handle after prolonged use, which means you just cram some slivers of wood in it and hammer a nail in the middle, or replace the handle. Having a toolbox with actual tools inside of it, but my toolboxes are also 20+ years old and work great, latches still lock. Breaking a watch or compass, as these have small working parts and can easily be broken. I would rather see implementation of specific tools like; Nails Hammer Screwdriver Drill (even a hand-cranked one) Saw Shovel (sturdier version of an entrenching tool) Whetstone I just think it would add more flavor and interest to folks, than being forced to halt working on your little home to search the world and brave the enemies to replace something because they break too often. So honestly I think there should only be a few tools that can break. Honestly I challenge you to take a crowbar and by yourself find a way to break it. At best you might be able to snap one of the teeth on the claw end, especially if it's a cheap non-steel version (one infused with nickel and aluminum) I would also rather see fixing a tool, instead of 'disposable tools'. When we used to work on scaffolds we had a running joke 'Disposable Tools'. This is because on occasion someone would drop a tool and force them to go down and retrieve it. So we dreamed up "What if we simply had disposable tools? hammer 1 nail and chuck the hammer behind you." It works as a joke but not in-practice. Thanks.
  3. I just wanted to add that piling on the empty supply crate to everything, even things made completely out of wood, just adds a resource sink for players, and also it's making it so scrap metal is currently worth more than gold itself. I would rather see implementation of specific tools like; Nails Hammer Screwdriver Drill (even a hand-cranked one) Saw Shovel Instead of just adding scrap metal to everything. Honestly the best use for scrap metal is to repair cars. I just don't see why we've got to keep altering build patterns that honestly, seemed fine to me a patch ago. There are many other things that could be worked on that would improve the playability of the game itself instead of increasing the 'work' time for players.
  4. Getting a 404 not found message when trying to update client side in dayz commander, I know I should probably post there but I kinda don't have time atm to go make an account and let them know.
  5. Since the update, all built structures do not show how much space is available in them, so could some nice person please post how much of each type of storage is per built item? I've made a little format for it so folks can just quote reply; really this sort of thing should be on the wiki. Container Name Weapons & Tools / Items / Backpacks Outhouse ?? / ?? / ?? Wooden Shack (Tested with this shack with general items, when its full the items pop out on the ground in the doorway side) ?? / 100 / ?? Nice Wooden Shed (Tested with this shed with general items, when its full the items VANISH and are UNRECOVERABLE, which is why I am posting this post so folks can know what their limits are.) ?? / 200 / ?? Storage Shed ?? / 400 / ?? Thank you.
  6. Realism? So you have fences vanishing in your neighborhood? Sorry couldn't help but ask. Stick fences I can understand, but unless your server has 50+ people and people waiting in line to get on it... you're not going to experience much clutter. For example our server barely has 10 active people on it and we just want to build a community base, but everything is poofing and after blowing hours and hours gathering gold, days actually, and hours actually making the crap, for it to all just poof. What's the point then? Besides all the stuff anyone can build, is restricted to thier plot pole, which, as it happens, also poofs after 7 days (ouch 60 oz of gold!). I keep seeing people responding that "well you have all that gold in your safe blah de blah", not on our sever. We are barely scraping by, know why? We have vehicle spawns turned off, so you can't repo-the-world to get cash fast. It would be nice if the admin had the ability to control if these things are supposed to poof after a period of time or not. As in our case, the stuff poofing is a kick in the groin. Besides if something actually clutters up a server that bad, an admin can simply toast the items from the db. What would be really cool for Sandbag walls: After a week a couple of bags have sorta fallen off and are on the ground next to it. After 2 weeks a few more, wall is sorta half-height After 3 weeks its just a mound of sandbags. Decay would be cool. But if I straight up dig a hole and sink a post in the ground and build fence out of it, look I've built several fences in my life, I honestly don't know of any that have fallen after 20 years. But then again when I build something I don't screw around.
  7. As we find more things that poof after 7 days I will list them here. We had this issue with regular sandbags in vanilla Dayz. -We are a small tight knit group of people on a non-pvp server, noone is removing objects that are built. -It doesn't matter who places them down, the items listed simply vanish after 7 days. Plot Poles <--- this one really hurts as its so expensive. Portable Generator <--- this sucks too as once you go through the effort of buying and placing a plot pole just to get a gas station to work, it ups and poofs on you along with the pole. Sandbags Stick Fences Camo Netting <--- SUPER OUCH. Now, if these things aren't supposed to be poofing after 7 days and this is some problem with our server, it would be nice to know. Thanks (Edit, sorry I accidently posted this in the 'Official DayzEpoch.com server bug area, reposted to here.)
  8. Except you can't sell items in your backpack to traders, has to be in front inventory. I would say 'let's give the traders some guns and let them pew pew anyone who activates 'in combat' except that zombies wander into the trader areas as well...
  9. Forgive me if I am wrong, but on vanilla dayz; do the tents & vehicles 'poof' (despawn) after 7 days of non-interaction? I thought at one point this was the case so you had to at least log in once a week and touch/move inventory around to keep your stuff from poofing. I dont see why that doesn't help admins keep the server clean. So my thoughts are; 1. Plot Pole tied to player id, not life-id. 2. Built items deconstructable by player or tagged players (friends of owner). 3. Built items despawn after 7 days if owner doesn't interact with them. 4. Introduce a method that helps facilitate an admin's ability to remove/locate Built items. (with some providers the tents/deployables show up on the admin map, I am uncertain if the plot poles do currently or not.) 5. The built structures should still be destroyable via weaponized means (within reason, wooden shack should still be a flimsy thing); if bandit-players are over-loaded with explosives, personally that's an admin issue.
  10. 1AQ2: We imported alot of stuff over from along with our characters and items, could there be something that should be default that is causing why we aren't receiving the infected as true? (as I mentioned, our admin has had to manually set it to true, we arent being 'infected' in that manner, we only receive the generic dayz medical_infected or whatever it is. Sorry I'm not a server admin so I don't know what it looks like. 2AQ2: I dug up the old dog script, and I went onto your github site, I dont see any dog scripts anywhere and it looks to me like you are packaging/compiling everything with visual studio? Also I dont really have a server to run to test any changes if I make them anyway. Edit: Played around with it more in-game. I have discovered that; -The dogs that are stationary, if you tame them will not be able to move from that location. -The dogs that are running around, if you are patient and have raw meat in your front inventory, you can tame them, might take a few pieces of meat to do so. These dogs will follow you about and have all of the other commands available when you mouse over them. -Exceptions to tamed dogs; --The command list disappears after you get into a vehicle and drive around. The dog will remain with you and you can tell it to: Call Dog (call back to you), Move to (move to mouse point), Run or Walk, the rest of the command list vanishes and is no longer accessible after you drive around. --The dog doesn't show up visibly in the vehicle (like it does with the dog script in dayz) and might get 'poofed' if you switch seats. Had a few dogs poof on me as I switched seats (meaning that when I exit the vehicle, no longer is there a dog.) --Still no command to tell the dog to attack a zombie, they do growl and bark when a zombie aggros but they don't attack. 3AQ2: Cool, some way of maintaining ownership beyond death makes sense. Be it an item or whatever. However since inventory is 'steal-able' I can think of arguments against it being an item. A short-term solution is to just tie it to the player, not a single-life ownership. 4AQ2: This doesn't appear to work for any of us, we try pressing wasd keys to move and we still continue doing whatever it is we started doing, so we are unable to 'cancel' the current action.
  11. I'm just pointing out that it should be tied to the player UID not the character-life ID. Temporary building at the current cost-to-build isn't viable. It's also one line of code to change it so it operates the way it should.
  12. A fundamental problem with this 'base-building' is it isn't 'base-building' at all, but merely 'placing tents that look like something else'. The time involved + the cash required to build is terrible, for the price you pay of losing the ownership of the plot pole on death. While my group plays on a PVE server, we still die plenty due to AI, I can't even begin to imagine how USELESS, TAXING, and OVERPRICED attempting to build even just a shed would be on a pure PVP server. The ownership of the plot pole should be tied to the UID, not the character-life ID. That is for tents, which are temporary storage objects, as they always have been and easily looted/destroyed. Make Epoch stand out like it should and make the plot pole ownership persist beyond death so people can ACTUALLY BASE BUILD. As for the other issues with people being able to tear-down and take down stuff, I really have no comment because as it stands right now, it's simply more cost-effective and reasonable to keep living out of a Humvee and screw trying to build anything.
  13. LOL its all good, just chewing on leather because we've waited about 2 weeks just to get access to the current Epoch and now we're wondering about all the things we were missing, and why they don't seem to be working like the mis-leading videos we've watched.
  14. I appreciate the entertaining and fun information, but I want to know HOW. No one seems to know how and that sort of concerns me...
  15. Yea so I ate a bunch of stuff and got infected, and died, and nothing happened. There are 2 things in the database that say infected, one is medical the other is something else. So; other than having the admin manually make the 'other' infection to 'true', there is no other way for this to happen in game as a mechanic. The other infection is the typical infection you get from being cold and eating raw meat. I tried eating bio meat, got infected, died, nothing. So the question is: What exactly is the process, specifically to make you specifically infected to this new 'infected player' status so you respawn as an 'infected player' because, as I mentioned, all the wiki says is: Die while infected and you will return as a random infected player. Which is untrue from the perspective of a player as I have tried several times as infected and not returned as 'infected player'. Again, the dogs just sit there after you tame them, the video which is out of date anyway, on youtube, shows dog houses that actually do not exist in the locations they listed, so the system seems to be; janky and broken or completely unexplained anywhere.
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