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  1. back to business... so what should i do now, should i install build vector 3, or 4? kann mir mal bitte einer sagen was hier gemeint wird? have just gotten an mail from RimBlock which version should we use now, 3 or 4? thanks
  2. @dangeruss thanks again for calling me an asshole, nice language u learned. and you talking now in the name of SchwEde? Are you his Secretary? Wow... if it sounds like rude what i had typed to SchwEde, dann möchte ich mich mal dafür beim SchwEde dafür entschuldigen. War vielleicht falsch ausgedrückt, und ich hatte halt ne andere Antwort erwartet. Was ich erwartet habe, hatte ich bereits hier drüber schon 2x geschrieben. Bei dir entschuldige ich mich mal garned, erst betitelste mich als Kiffer und dann noch als Arschloch, wunderbar vielen Dank, Du mich auch mal!
  3. @dangeruss first of all, i am not taking any weed as you mentioned! i only like the movies and the actors, cause i am from the 80s! and then dude, i am also german and i have to translate it in my head first. sometimes i dont get it all. then we working now on this plot/vector/ etc..pp stuff over 7 days / 8hrs per day. it ended up that we have to restore an older version. i am not an scripter / coder pro as you dangerruss, so i dont understand sometimes that scripting thing. but i have other skills you will never get... i am just a noob who tries to understand the whole thing! As u can see in my post #596 i told that we have currently installed plot4life 2.35 working with snap build pro 1.4.1 together with doormanagement 3.0 you wrote: If you click the install directions, literally the very first thing you read "If you have not installed Rimblock's A Plot for Life v2.34, do so now (ignore the server_monitor.sqf file as I will cover it)." you just trying to confuse me more with that answer. a simple answer like, no, stay on your 2.35 or downgrade to 2.34 would be clear and enough! and what we have to do now with that build vector i also didt got it. i simply dont understand what you saying. maybe my english is not so professional as yours. a simple answer would be: yes, you have to install version 3, after that go to 4. or: no, you just can go directly over to install version 4. i just found that under Step 1: Download the following files from this link (Without Admin Build and Plot 4 Life): http://bitly.com/BuildVectorsV3 what it means? does it mean with plot 4 life, or without plot 4 life??? thanks
  4. this also didnt answer a single question of mine... i simply like to know which versions are working togehter! which versions you all use currently? 1. is snap build pro 2.5 compatible to the rest of my desired addons? if so, i think that we can skip the installation of the included precise building 1.04 included in the build vector 3, cause its a part of the build vector 4 installation. we also can skip that precise building if we directly heading to the install of build vector 4. 2. is build vector 4 just an update of the version 3? 3. should we first install build vector 3, or can we directly go to build vector 4? simple questions, expecting simply answers ;-)
  5. I write it again: ok, finally we have now restored the plot4life 2.35 working with snap build pro 1.4.1 together with doormanagement 3.0 your answer is completetly useless and nonesense
  6. ok, finally we have now restored the plot4life 2.35 working with snap build pro 1.4.1 together with doormanagement 3.0 what should be our next step? is this build vector 4 compatible to ap4l 2.5? should we update to 2.5 first? or is the 2.35 quite enough? when we install this build vector, should we begin with the legacy install of version 3, or can we go directly to the 4 version? next thing is, that the precise building 1.04 which is included in the build vector 3 step, is also included in the a plot 4 life 2.5, as RimBlock told me today.. go on SchwEde ;-) :D
  7. @ eno - lol, very funny.. Klabt = works ?! herhaltung = maintain entschuldigung = excuse ;-))))
  8. hi, we run an GTX Gaming Server with Supported Infistar. so we do NOT have full access to the whole AH and AHConfig file... only fragments of it. as i can see, this script is implemented also on our server. we can call it by F4 where can i find this base_manager.sqf on our ftp? if it is there? then i like to know how to keep the saved structures in database, when using a plot4life. 1. i used to build the p4l pole after my save of the structure into database. after that, all the structures got deleted from database. dunno why...they simply vanish. 2. then i tried to place an plot4life pole first, next spawn the prebuild base around it, place the center/radius, hit save to db, but if i do that, this save option saves 0 items up to db.. what can we do?
  9. @SchwEde - thats exactly what i am trying to do the last steps... but i got lost, when installing the vector build. 5mins ago i was on chainsaw´s server. he showed me how perfect the vector build works... now i am imprssed and like to get this to work to... so i check now what i have installed with the vector and remove that.. after that i try to merge that stuff... thanx
  10. aha, yeah, thats exactly what i am trying now i have 3.0 of zupas coin system, not that old 2.5. and i stuck now with BuildVectors 4... and, btw, is there just a simple flag to disable the paying for maintenance in some file? thx!
  11. @SchwEde - oh yeah, hm... i am not a coder nor a scripter. i did it all myself. my only know ledge about all that, is only that what i have learned in the past 3 weeks ;-) (i am only an system admin / networks) i just did that copy - paste thing as described in all the installations guides of the addons. what i was trying was: i only want to use our own custom files. because each addon was using his own custom files, and did not respect our custom files, where we just have alot of other scripts installed. if i would use them, all our previous addons wont work anymore. first i started with snapbuild pro 1.4. after that i was going to "a plot 4 life 2.34 / 2.5". in that i saw that the snap build pro1.4.1 is installed by side with this. next step was that i was going to the install of the BuildVectors 4 which comes with Precise Base Building 1.04. the next step was the admin build .. i did that step by step, and compared all the custom files of them, and merged them in mine. then i corrected the folder paths and landed here :-) my start point was here next steps would be to install the achmed´s indestructable items and then, finally zupa´s doormanagement 3.0 so what should i do now, can i simply remove your mentioned variables above, or replace them to somewhere away from the "else" part in the same file? i have a look now at the player_build and this compiles.sqf btw, good morning, we have now the sun eclipse here over europe ;-) cheers
  12. @SchwEde- thanxx for your very fast response :-) hm, seems that the files hooked up correct here´s my compiles.sqf
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